The LAUNCH DAY of The Capture Course 2.0!

AHH! It’s launch day!

Guys, there have been a whole lot of hopes, goals and ideas these past several months as I’ve refined The Capture Course to consist with what I feel like any beginner photographer would need to understand how to use their first camera. Because this is SO important to me. I truly don’t want to just put a course out there to…put it out there. I want to believe it’s just what YOU need and just what YOU can use to catapult you forward.

Stop for a second. Let’s talk about “forward”. What is this to you?? Are you somebody who:

TCC story (9).png

-Wants to use their camera to capture life around them?

-Wants to be able to save and frame your own photography for your walls from your own travels?

-Wants to say “good-bye” to that job you HATE and go toward a more flexible, creative outlet that can allow you to be home more often?

-Wants to simply use their camera to photograph your own products or images for your blog?

-Wants to learn how to use their camera simply because you’re the creative type who’s energized by learning and diving into new creative outlets?

You know you’re one of these! Which one are you? Do yourself a favor: steal one of the above and make it more specific to YOU. Are you a mom who wants to take high quality photos of her children as they grow and in turn, gift them with precious frames made by your kiddos to grandparents? It’s possible.

What can you expect to learn from the course?  

1.    to learn how to use your camera and use natural light

2.    to watch and rewatch videos at your own speed and in the comfort of your living room or your favorite coffee shop (even squeeze it in during nap time!)

3.    almost 2 hours of targeted instruction

4. A PDF of 15 look-fors when you're shooting


(and it's available to the already-enrolled photogs, YES!

There are many additions, and the best part is: THE PRICE IS STAYING THE SAME.

So you get all these goodies without an increase in price. WOOT!

*I filmed two additional videos that I felt like would be helpful to the amateur photographer headed outside to use their knowledge of ISO, shutter speed and my personal favorite, aperture. Both videos are around 10 minutes long and FULL of tips to help boost your awareness and confidence when photographing.

            Understand + Nail Backlighting

            How to find + use natural reflectors for better light

*And if you weren’t sure that the skill of photography was a beneficial one, I’m including ways for you to make cash using your camera!

*You’ll also get a HOW TO SHOOT IN MANUAL Cheat Sheet to have in front of you as you work through the class. Visual learner? #igetyou

TCC story (7) (1).png

If you're sitting there with your new camera + the kit lens, then you definitely don't want to miss this freebie here where I explain what you don't know about your kit lens. It'll help get you started with a 5-minute video, visual examples and what you need to know to start out with success!

The Capture Course CHANGES

Now, along with the additions, there is also an adjustment: the course will no longer be available for enrollment year-round. Instead, there will be specific times during the year where you can enroll. My hope for this adjustment is that when you enroll, you feel like you're supported through 4 scheduled Facebook Lives that will take places following the closing of the course. You will have the opportunity to submit photos to Lindsay for review on focus, composition and camera settings.

I want you to say goodbye to being CLUELESS with your camera and letting memories pass you by.

You CAN confidently capture the moments that give you #allthefeels in a way that bottles it up forever!

Peach Creek Ranch Aggie Wedding | Chance & Sydney

Talk about an Aggie good time. WHOOP.

The Allen wedding was that and a gorgeous pair of AGGIES who became one.

Oh, you guys! What a beautiful, sun-kissed, fun day!

And it wasn’t only fun to photograph because everyone was lovely,  every detail was beautiful and every bouquet was overflowing with florals. It was fun for me, because I was one of the many who watched Sydney and Chance’s love story begin and unfold starting in high school.

I literally just always felt like he was the one for her—not sure that I wrapped my mind around that fully with my high school brain, but I saw them together and could tell that Sydney was beyond happy. I could tell he was different to her. Now seeing them after dating through college and beyond, I’m so happy for my friend and now their future marriage.

Sydney looked absolutely stunning in her custom-designed dress from California—in fact, I’m still kind of swooning over it! How gorgeous were the special appliqués details? Just so lovely, and she absolutely rocked it! Plus, her bridesmaids and their gorgeous color palette were totally on point. And I loved her wedding invitations--always a win from Minted!

Okay, now can we taco bout how legit it was to celebrate their marriage with Torchy’s, some major Texas two-steppin’ and one of the best father-daughter dances ever? I mean, there were so many memorable moments and details from their wedding day, but I’d say these were some of my favorites! I mean, tacos and queso with all your loved ones on a beautiful day and occasion? Hard to beat in my book ;-)

It was just so much fun to be able to witness an old friend marry her best friend. And I think what surprisingly caught me off guard and a little emotional was right before she walked down the aisle and her two older sisters put in her veil. It was just a precious moment of her big sisters being proud of their baby sister, prepping her to walk down the aisle and loving on her so sweetly. That was the picture I remember of Sydney growing up—so easy going, fun and a friend to anybody.

The way her sisters loved her is how everybody does—especially Chance. He’s a lucky husband, and I am so beyond happy that they’re now Mr. and Mrs. Allen and have one heck of a wedding celebration to remember as their own!

Venue: Peach Creek Ranch

Planner: All Things Planned

Hair & Makeup: Blushd

Florist: Urban Rubbish

Cake: Sandee's Sweets

Dress: Lezu Bridal 

Catering: Torchy's Tacos

Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Invitations: Minted

DJ: Downtown Event Services

Video: Meant To Be Films

Photo: Lindsay Davenport Photography

Why Simplified? Because It's Changed My Life, No Really!

Today, August 1st, has oddly similar feelings to Christmas for me. 

Maybe it's because all the fall candles are coming out, so it's gearing me up for another season, or maaaaaybe it's because The Simplified Planner that I've been prepping for 2 months now STARTS TODAY!! 

Bah! And all the Type-A's screamed HOORAY! 

My Favorites:

A Simplified Life

Grace, Not Perfection

The Simplified Planner

SaraCoffinPhoto-EmilyLey-GWP-63 (1).jpg

See, my love affair with all products from Emily Ley goes back to this past Christmas when I asked for her book, A Simplified Life. Obviously, it was around the New Year, and I was in a season of truly desiring more simplicity and organization but unable to pave that road for myself. 

I began reading A Simplified Life, fell in love with Emily's simple (ironic?) writing style and beautifully designed book, and soaked up everything she had to say. I literally either bought or suggested the book for several people I know, hoping it was as beneficial for them, as it was for me. 

Because to me, it honestly wasn't just about simplifying, organizing and setting routines for your home. It was about getting my life back. And it was one of the big things that helped with that.

Whoa. That's a big statement right there. 

But really, it's just how I felt! Emily talked about how "simplifying" was different from "minimalism", in that she's not telling you to get rid of everything but to determine the need and purpose for the stuff you have. If it does, then find a place for it--not several. For example, all the medicine goes in one cabinet; all the cleaning supplies in another--everything should be able to be found easily and simply. 

Slowly but surely (actually, it was super fast), I began to transform our home, and I began to feel weight lifted off of me, less stress and more life. It was shocking to me how the routines and organized spaces left me feeling like I had more room for what mattered: it literally affected my spiritual life. I began to simplify all compartments of my life and find more time and space for what mattered most. 

So after I devoured A Simplified Life and everything she was about, I quickly became a fan girl. I promptly purchased her August-December 2018 planner, and it STARTS TODAY!!! EEEP!!! 

Like I knew she would, she helped me organize and plan my days for the months to come. In the prep days (what I've been doing the past 2 months), there's room for your routines, morning and night. She guides you through this and other meaningful ways to set yourself up for success. The kind of success that only a super talented type-A woman or a woman with years of wisdom can--I have to imagine she's both ;-) 

So here I am, launching with probably many of you, as we get to begin implementing our new planners!  

I've already been practicing my morning and evening routines, and as simple as it sounds, it has been SO life-giving, so productive and so freeing. 

I'll share some of my routines for you to show you just how simple they are yet fitting for ME. I tried to think about what I wanted to get done, what I needed to get done and what caused me stress in my life if I didn't do it. It simply has been so refreshing. But it's important to note (and this is a reminder to myself) that this is not some legalistic, check-list to mark. It's more of a heart-pumper for me. I hated how it was instinct for me to roll over in bed and immediately jump on the Insta scroll. What's worse is then I would not be disciplined in spending my time doing more meaningful things afterward and my day would feel BLAH. 

Like I had no control. But this structure from my planner was just what I needed at just the right time in my life, and it's been so fruitful. I do have control: it's completely my choice. And yours. 

So my encouragement to you is: come up with a similar list that's fitting for YOU. What are your pain points? What are productive, necessary things you need to do? Things that you wished you were more disciplined with? What can you realistically do everyday (with added grace with the baby wakes up earlier than you expected or #lifehappens). Make your routine, and like Emily suggests, put it next to your bed as a visual reminder. 

It's been sweet for me, and I totally have control to add/tweak my routine as life changes and goes on!

My morning routine: 

1. Wake up to my alarm (not always Luke) & drink a glass of water then stretch. 

2. Hygiene: brush teeth, wash face, get dressed (because when you work from home, this can happen much later in the day)

3. Make coffee and read from my bible--specifically truth, not from a podcast, Insta post, blog--not that these are bad at all, but I felt convicted about the way I was seeking truth; journal my prayers & text any friends who come to mind

4. Insert Luke: feed him, read with him, and let the playing & day begin!

My evening routine: 

1. Feed Luke, brush Luke's teeth, bathe him, read to him, say prayers & put him to bed 

2. Hygiene: shower, brush teeth & all the things

3. Go through and answer unread texts from the day (this used to weigh SO heavily on me but now there's a time)

4. I write down my top 3 work/life priorities for the next day that I can realistically get done

5. Update our family Instagram account (@thedavenportsdoadventure) so it updates our future Chatbooks then I put my phone up for the night (I had gotten months behind until I implemented this, and now it's EASY)

6. Read 15 minutes for enjoyment (currently reading Girl Wash Your Face...& 8340 other books) 

7. Visit with Jordan about the day & then watch TV with him & pray

You know when you find a particular food or restaurant you're obsessed with? Or workout that you believe it so much? You just want to shout it to the world to convince them how it's making your life better, and that's my feelings about all things simplified. 

If you feel half the way I have the past 7 months, then I am happy for you friend! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the books or planner! Or hey, don't hesitate to reach out and tell me what products YOU love best! I just ordered my Home Base Binder and CAN'T WAIT for this! 

Happy planning friends!

Bishop Arts & Trinity Groves Engagement Session | Taylor & Jacy

Ooo ooo all the heart eyes!

I think I've started this blog post so many times to feel like I can't sufficiently write a post sweet enough to do this couple justice! 

Because, clearly, they make the absolute cutest pair. 

I had the best time walking through the Bishop Arts District and Trinity Groves with them as my subjects. Because...there was so much more to them than just a pretty couple in front of my camera. They were SO precious, obviously in love and had so much fun just being themselves. I mean, popping champagne to wrap up your engagement session? Yes please!! 

I've found that couples are the easiest to photograph when they're comfortable with their love and one another other, and Taylor and Jacy hit the nail on the head with this one. Not to mention, (I'll give Jacy this credit), she killed it with outfit choices! ;-) 

We started their session out in Bishop Arts in front of Enos Pizza, because this restaurant is significant in their relationship, and we basically lucked out, because it turned out they were closed this evening. We got full reign on their outdoor tables without the crowd! #score! 

After Jacy totally rocked her stunning red dress (hello real life insta emoji), we finished the remainder of their session near Trinity Groves with the Dallas skyline as their backdrop. I mean, this is pretty stellar if you ask me. ;-)

If you don't know Jacy, you're maybe missing out, because not only is she one of the sweet and talented planners from Refined Romance, but she's an absolute sweetheart in every-which way. (and everyone, including her fiance, is nodding their head in agreement). Taylor knows he scored big time putting a ring on Jacy's finger, and I think it's pretty safe to say that the feelings are reciprocated ;-)

I can't wait for their February wedding! 

Hidden Pines Chapel Summer Wedding | Kody & Lindsey

Let's all just take a moment of silence for how beautifully unique and amaaaaazing Lindsey's bridal bouquet was. 

And while you're there, add more time for her stunning lace-detailed dress.

And cathedral-length veil.

And beautiful color palette. 


You GUYS! Can we go back and relive this perfect wedding day?! I hope you feel like you can after browsing through their blog, because it was an absolute celebration between one of the most stunning couples you'll find on my website! 

The best part? They're as sweet and kind as they are stunning. Double win. 

Their wedding day was perfect in many ways: 1) it seemed to run 5-10 minutes ahead of schedule...all day--which made for ample time of everything on the timeline. What a dream. 2) the people. Oh, I love all these sweet people. 3) the creative and amazing vendors who executed such a beautiful wedding day! 4) and most importantly, this bride and groom were perfect FOR each other, which obviously is the #1 thing that makes wedding days perfect--to me :-) 

Ah! I can't wait for you to scroll and smile! I'm beyond giddy for this couple and that they can remember the beautiful details of their day, and how special they were--with their toasting flutes and six-pence from Europe, her bridal bracelet borrowed from her best friend, sister-in-law and Matron of Honor and their invitation suite being designed by the mother of the bride (obsessed with these!!).

They can remember a heartfelt ceremony where they vowed to be one forever. 

And they can remember easily by the smiles in their pictures how much fun they had on the dance floor! 

I love that for them! 

Lindsey, you are one breath-taking bride who clearly makes your "honey" ( ;-) ) smile so sweetly when he sees you..especially walking down the aisle! 

Love you guys! 

5 Years of Marriage and the 5 Things that Helped the Most

It's funny how differently 5 years can look--June 1, 2013 Jordan and I were celebrating our nuptials in the barn on my family's farm, and 5 years later, Jordan was taking care of Luke and I when we were basically bed-ridden for days with a terrible stomach virus. Too many more details could be added that we'd all laugh about, but I'll save you those! Basically, he's the best nurse ever and sure took care of us! ;-) Eh, but I'd say we celebrated 5 years pretty hard when we made our trip to Canada last month!

Anyway, I've been dragging my feel posting this, you guys. CLEARLY, I've been dragging them for over a month now (our anny was June 1). I kept wanting to either 1) feel like Jordan and I were in this perfect place in our marriage to be able to share (lies, lies) or 2) be so careful with my words to make it sound like we weren't perfect (the irony??).

So, I think we all know that nobody's marriage is perfect, even if social media can give it the looks of that at times. Understood? Nod your heads: yes, Masta. Ain't nobody perfect 'round here. But, like us, I'm sure there are plenty of people who have hit some hard bumps and can offer some advice. 

Hi, [insert Jordan and Lindsay]


Honestly, I was really excited about our 5 year anniversary. That's a solid number. It feels good. And I think it feels good to feel in a good place. You know what I mean? And I say that, because our marriage, or connectedness, just took a pretty good hit when we moved to Dallas, started new jobs, bought a fixer upper, got pregnant, etc. etc. We clearly couldn't handle all of the transition and tried so many things to figure out how to find our "groove" back. 

Again with 5 years of marriage in the books, we've been married long enough to ride out the honeymoon phase and feel some pretty hard knocks like every marriage is going to feel. Yes, some are bumpier than others, but we're all going to come upon these. We're all human which makes us susceptible to falling short...often

Everyone. Yes, you. 

Which brings me to these 5 things that Jordan and I both agreed, looking back, helped us. They really blessed us, made us stronger and helped us feel the most connected and loved. I don't even want to call them pieces of advice, because I know there's still so much to learn, but guys, we are tangoing quite well with all of these in this season, and I'd love nothing more than for other marriages to feel the positivity and benefits from them, as well. 

--or honestly, I'd love nothing more for couples to pour into their marriages and tend to them. And to know it's not silly. Even when things are feeling smooth. 

But first, I've got to say that I am super crazy proud of and grateful for my man. He somehow gets cuter and wiser as the years go by, and I get to benefit from both of those! But truly, God knew what he was doing by giving me Jordan's calm, collected and reasonable personality. I need the way he weighs out situations with me, helps guide me and calls me out. I need the way he makes the hard things lighthearted and the good things even better. I need the way he is simply just Jordan. 

I'm so grateful for these nuggets below, because we ain't stoppin' here y'all! I know that a strong marriage is worth fighting for, because it's the foundation and environment we're creating for the littles that will be carrying on our legacy of love and loving others. This is what fuels the fire in much of what I do in my business and own home. So with that, I hope to let you know that all of the below are, like, way cool. 


5 Things that Helped the Most 

1. Counseling

I honestly can't scream this to the mountains enough, and I hope to share more posts on it in the future to debunk it's taboo.  From the time we went through premarital counseling, Jordan and I both agreed that we'd never turn down counseling if the other (or someone else) felt it helpful. So when we both agreed that we just couldn't quite get ahold of everything we were juggling in life, lacked connectedness because of it and new that marriage hadn't always felt this way, we agreed that professional guidance would help. 

And let me just say that after the first session, Jordan looked at me and said, "I can understand now how anybody could benefit from counseling". And every time we left counseling, we left feeling hopeful, having more guidance, clarity and understanding of each other. We seriously learned so much, and it was exactly what we needed in that season. We literally communicate differently and better now and took away huge gains. Will we ever go back? Absolutely.

 So guys, anybody can go. The house doesn't always have to be burning down. Go

Where do you stand? Are you open to counseling? Cringe because you have a stigma behind it? Have benefitted from it?

2. Prioritizing self-care/individual time

One thing we actually took away from counseling was the importance of "self care". This is a tricky thing to master when you're 1) used to being busy or 2) parents. Our counselor really educated us on the importance of doing this, helped us figure out what we both individually needed (Jordan's time is different than mine, because he's an introvert, and I'm an extrovert). She helped us figure out how to communicate our needs before communication breakdowns occurred or...ish hit the fan, rather. 

This helped the way we parented, saw our time with one another and were simply just intentional with our time. 

What does "self care" look like to you? 

3. Traveling

Yes, lawd YES. When we first got married, traveling looked like driving 1.5 hours to my aunt and uncle's cabin in Ruidoso (simple, free, close). There's something to be said about making intentional (sometimes financially creative) time to getting away and trying something new together. There's a sweet intimacy and adventure linked to it that makes it precious. 

I'm all about traveling, and some of our best memories together have been doing just this. Ironically enough, it has also served as one of our sources of frustration in marriage: deciding upon timing, finances, expectations, etc. Funny (not funny) how that happens, right?

What kind of travels could you both enjoy together?

4. Praying for your loved one

While I wish I could say that I was more consistent about doing this, Jordan and I both agree that in the times we have been intentional about praying for one another and WITH one another, our marriage has felt stronger. I recently started a prayer journal specifically for Jordan, and it's shifted my mindset in the sweetest of ways--alleviating frustrations, bringing me peace and releasing the control from my hands.

Where is your prayer life, for and with your loved one?

5. Dating your loved one

I'm such a big advocate for dating. I, like, WISH somebody had been blunt before Jordan and I got married and told us to "set weekly date nights". JUST DO IT. Can I be that person for you? 

Unfortunately, we weren't intentional about doing this earlier in our marriage, dating every so often (which worked at the time), that when Luke was born, we were all sorts of jumbled around [insert counseling around this time haha]. Since then, I've heard people say to guard your weekly date, be intentional about planning it at the beginning of the week and look forward to it. Need help organizing and coming up with date ideas? Lemme help: 19 dates HERE!).

I even had someone suggest that when they first started weekly dates several years into their marriage, it felt awkward. She went on to say that they stayed persistent keeping them on their schedule until it became something that they both looked forward to and guarded each week. Oh, I just LOVED this wisdom and vulnerability from them. I hope we can all get there too. 

Things to thing about:

1. Define your goal for dating. What's the purpose? Connectedness? Growth? Fun?

2. Define what a "date" is for you. Is it only outside of your house or does Netflix at home (without your phone) count, as well? Does it count if it's with another couple?

3. Dating will look vary in different seasons. What you're able to do before kids will look differently than with kids, will look differently than with 2-3 kids in multiple sports. 

4. Determine your ideal for babysitting? Do you want to swap dates with another family? Pay for a sitter? Ask grammy and grandpa?

5. Determine if there topics you DO or DON'T want to come up when on dates. NOT going to talk about work? DO want to talk about what's on your heart?


So while it may be difficult for you to see how passionate I am about thriving love stories [insert sarcasm], I hope that something in this has inspired you, equips you or moves you to share with somebody you love.

Jordan and I are not perfect, and that equips us to share our take-aways with you, hoping that you too can put the nitty, gritty, adventure-seeking, romantic, silly, thrilling time in to your love story. 

Glen Eyrie Castle Bridal Session | Alicia

Alicia, we'll see if I find the words to describe how sweet it was to work with you and how beautiful of a bride you made. 

Ah lawdy. 

As if the Colorado and Glen Eyrie Castle background weren't enough to make me giddy inside,

-your beautiful blush Hayley Paige dress 

-your lovely lush bouquet

-your stunning hair piece

-your sequined Kate Spade shoes

-and your SWEET SELF

just send me over the edge! 

Ah Alicia! What a dream it was to spend over a couple hours exploring the beautiful property of the Glen Eyrie Castle and photograph your bridals! It was almost as epic as your wedding day!! 

I'm so excited that I get to share your bridals with everyone now that you're a Mrs.!! 

Glen Eyrie Castle & Pinery at the Hill Wedding | Matthew & Alicia

Like you've already heard me say in Alicia's bridal session post, it's hard to put into words what a treat it was to travel to Colorado to even be present at Alicia and Matthew's wedding day. 




The number of sufficient adjectives to do their wedding day justice--I'm not sure they exist! :-)

Like, how many brides are able to remember getting ready on their wedding day by envisioning the overlook of Colorado Springs through a wall of windows with natural light rushing in? And how many brides are able to say they married on the terrace of a castle? 

Well, let's be sure: THIS BRIDE and Mrs. can absolutely say that and remember her wedding day for what it was: beautiful, enchanting and so much fun. With precious friends and family surrounding them, the light peaking in and out behind the clouds and florals to compliment the extraordinary castle--it was surely a wedding day to remember. 

I still can't get over how beautiful everything came together for Alicia--every single detail put into her wedding day was so thoughtful and fit perfectly together. Y'all, I basically couldn't get enough of her rose gold details that she planned so perfectly together! And their cookie wedding guest favors? Ahh, too cute!! 

Now that their wedding days is officially blogged, we can all remember their fairytale wedding day at the Glen Eyrie Castle! I wish these two the absolute best!! 

Prairie Creek Park Engagement Session | Alex & Emili

Oo oo ooo!!! 

Looking through Alex and Emili's engagement photos makes me SO excited for their wedding this October! Partly because they're so stinking cute and partly because I've gotten to know them so well as they wedding plan, and I know that they're going to have so many FUN details that make their wedding day beyond special! I think we all can't wait to see how it unfolds!!! Eeep! 

As you can clearly tell, Alex and Emili's love is so sweet, so natural, so precious. I love how Emili shares that their love started to blossom over cheese and pasta, because if you know these two, you know that they love to cook together, they love to host and they know no strangers. They're just so fun and loving, and I love when couples have a hobby, like cooking, that they can bond over. I'm over here like, wait...can you teach me!? ;-) 

This girl is the creative right brain to Alex's left brain, and I personally don't think they could be anymore perfect for one another. I mean, how beautiful are they together?! Emili seriously has the best smile, and I just wish you could hear her excitement for all things Alex and all things wedding planning! 

Emili and Alex, let's get you two married....soon!! :)

Bent Tree Bible & Hyatt Regency North Dallas Wedding | Wesley & Angela

Dusty rose with an overdose of joy? 

When I envision the Nilsson wedding, I see beautiful pops of a dusty rose color pallete and joy on everybody's face. 

Complete and utter joy. 

As you start to scroll, you will quickly understand exactly what I remember to be Wesley and Angela's wedding day--perfect, if you ask me. Or them! ;-)

I mean, I don't know how many times I've said this OR had other people TELL ME this, but what a beautiful couple--their smiles--you can't beat. Both of them--they scream JOY; they scream LOVE; they scream PURE. What a power couple. 

As you know, I tend to feel strongly about all of my couples, especially after their wedding days. For me, it's such a sweet and intimate experience that I get to be a part of that, I leave their exit feeling like I'm waving good-bye to my bestie. And it was this and more with Angela and Wesley, because they were unique in a way. For most couples, my communication exchange is between the bride and myself via email. However, with Angela and Wesley's season of life, he was able to help with much of the wedding planning, meaning he handled a lot of the communication with the vendors. This meant, I felt like I really got to know both of them even better than most, and it truly made the day feel like I was photographing my two close friends who I've watched fall in love and commit themselves to the Lord. 

Y'all, it was a sweet, sweet day. 

My stomach dropped when Wesley's jaw did. When he saw Angela, the whole world stopped. His reaction(s) were priceless, and Angela--YES, girl, YES. Absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning. This bride--inside and out, she is beautiful! So fun, so spunky, so lovely. 

While all the beautiful details and all the joyful moments were plentiful throughout June 9th, a favorite of mine would have to be the "first look" between Angela and her father. It's absolutely a favorite and absolutely a sweet one. 

Because they ARE to me--my sweet friends are now Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Nilsson, and I'm beyond excited for them to begin their journey in Connecticut as he pursues his medical career and Angela continues to pursues her teaching career. They truly have an adventure ahead of them, and I'm eager to watch it unfold!! Hugs to Nilssons!! 

Bella Woods Fairytale Wedding | Taryn & Kirby

Oh my, my, my. 

I literally just sighed out loud before I started typing this, because I partly don't know where to even begin with these two. 

So I'll just start with: I love them. They are perfect for one another. I love their love. 

I am just beyond ecstatic for Kirby and Taryn that they have the most fairytale of a wedding to remember themselves becoming one. Literally, as I just scrolled through their images, my heart strings just tugged. It was BEAUTIFUL. And I don't want to use that word lightly, because as you can see, it was truly breathtaking, just magical. 

The the theme of a fairytale is significant, because Kirby proposed to Taryn at a castle, because he knew her love for all things fairytale and magical--this theme carried throughout their engagement and wedding, and WOW. Clearly, she was the most beautiful princess Kirby could have ever imagined walking down the aisle to him, escorted by her Daddy. And Kirby's reaction said that and more. It was so precious that I immediately felt the water-works coming--AH! My stomach is literally in happy knots right now as I'm remembering! 

One of my favorite parts of wedding days: FEELING all the happy FEELS. 

And then you look at Taryn with her Daddy, and she's just as emotional--priceless! They both absolutely knew how precious this day was, how precious this commitment is and how precious their friends and family were to join in on the celebration. 

I obviously DIED during ALL of their portraits, because they were STUNNING--the location, the light, the people, the color palette--recipe for loveliness. 

I'm so grateful I was able to celebrate with these two--just so grateful. 

Kirby and Taryn, I wish you the absolute best! It's such a joy seeing your joy and excitement in marriage! I think I'm able to feel a little extra with you two, because it reminds me of when Jordan and I married after we graduated, 5 years ago--we even have the same anniversary weekend--EEP! Sweet times are ahead of you two! Soak it all up!! :-)