Patrick Family Session | Dallas Mini Session

This family.

I was lucky enough to meet them last fall before we even moved to Dallas. I had hosted a contest that the Patrick family won, and I met them during their session they won. I immediately fell in love with their sweet family and was thankful enough to photograph them again this fall! 

Sweet Adi Paige and handsome Truxton just stole my heart. Without much prompting from me, Jonathan and Joscyln new just what to do with their cuties during the session: PLAY. Tickle, kiss, twirl, spin—and obviously, not only the kids were smiling ear-to-ear, but mom and dad are too. 

I just die when I look at the pictures of dad dancing with Adi and dipping her so sweetly. And Joscyln giving Adi eskimo kisses and cuddles. There are so many precious moments meant to be had with kiddos not only in front of the camera but at home too. I’ve loved following this family since we met last fall and seeing who intentional they are as a family and husband and wife. I know they must lead busy lives, but they know what’s matters. I love seeing that! 

Again, I just adored having them in front of my camera! Enjoy!