Artesia High Senior | Harley

Just the sweetest. 

Our morning wasn't ideal for pictures in that it was literally freezing, but Harley was such a trooper. You would never have guessed this by her attitude and beautiful smile. She was so open to my suggestions for locations, and I absolutely love how they turned out. We started in downtown Artesia, which was beautiful with its fall colors, and we finished out on my family farm with rustic old sprinklers and wooded-look. 

Adored it all. 

And loved getting to know this pretty girl! She requested that her best friend hop in a few pictures with her, and I was all for that idea. 


Hometown friendships are so special and cherished. Especially once you embark on your new journeys in college. I hope they keep this sweet friendship forever, because I could tell they had such a precious relationship. So supportive and excited for one another for what was ahead. 

I hope you enjoy Harley's senior pictures as much as I did! I forget how much it fills my heart to get to remind someone of all their beautiful features and exciting times they have ahead of them. Congratulations, sweet Harley! You are a beautiful girl inside and out, and I loved our chilly morning together!