Presley & Jess | Old Mesilla Engagement Session

Where to begin?! The past year has full of so much bonding between this beautiful girl and myself. I consider her such a teammate in my business with her creative input, friendship, and support. Her passion of creative writing and my passion of photography just attracted us together like magnets. Our mutual relationship has become such a blessing to us both! Throughout this time, I've been able to watch Presley pursue Jess. I've been able to listen to Jess' voice change with excitement when she tell me about the latest wedding updates. 

So needless to say, having these two in front of my camera made for one of my most favorite engagement sessions! I feel like their smiles are just screaming JOY in these images! Truly. Keep scrolling through and find the love-twinkle (just coined that a 'thing') in her eyes and her huge smile that doesn't fade. I am all about it! It's obvious how well Presley loves my friend, and it's obvious how joyful she makes him. Photographing their wedding day will definitely be one for the books, I'm sure!! I get more and more stoked on our walks as I'm updated with wedding plans! Because this girl has the creative bone, you can just imagine how those juices are flowing for one of the most special days of her life! But what I love most about this couple is that they're not only busy planning a wedding right now...but a marriage. And this is my prayer for you all! 

Congratulations Jess and Pres! You make such a beautiful pair together!

PS start following this girl's blog! You'll love her and her heart!