Megan | NMSU Senior

Megan is an NMSU senior who's graduating with her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree! It was fun for me to have this beautiful, bright and bubbly gal in front of my camera, because she is one of Jordan's good friends in the nursing program. I've heard firsthand how difficult yet incredible the nursing program is, and I'm so proud of all of them for working hard to push through and come out smiling with that degree! 

Megan is seriously THE sweetest. She's got the smile to match her personality, and is anybody's good friend. She brought her cute dog to her session, because she has been a lover and encourager to Megan throughout her education. I am definitely jealous! They are too cute together, and that dog is too well-behaved! Can I have her!? ;-)

Megan, congratulations, girl. You're going to make the best nurse! Proud of you!!