Rory & Janelle | A Sweetheart Session

Oh, these two! I've known joyful Janelle for several years. I've looked up to her for about that same amount of time, as well! She is an SLP herself who graduated from NMSU a few years ahead of me. Not only that, but she is a bright, beautiful and fun woman of God who has found a man whose heart matches hers. I mean....scroll down soon and you'll easily be able to tell that they bring out so much joy in each other! They recently moved to Las Vegas, so I was pumped to hear they were going to be in town over Easter weekend. We found time to save some memories for them in my favorite, lush location in Las Cruces right now. I'm so glad we did, and I'm so glad to have met the man who's made her so happy! 

Now...seriously, go enjoy their session, because you can't help but SMILE your way through!