Maia | NMSU Senior

Yikes, my blog has been MIA, hasn't it!? I'm a wee bit behind in posting sessions, but I couldn't NOT post them! So I'm going back a few weeks to share several sessions I had done. 

I'm going to start with sweet Maia! She's another friend of Jordan's who is graduating with her degree in Nursing. Like I've said before, I'm so proud of them and excited for them to finally be done with their rigorous schoolwork and preceptorship! Maia is just as sweet as her smile tells you she is in pictures. She's obviously beautiful and is so ready to be working as a nurse. Her passion is labor and delivery. She hopes to be a midwife someday, because it's what interests her the most. I can't wait to see where this awesome career takes Maia! 

Congratulations girl!!