Taylor Garrison | NMSU Senior

Beautiful. Blue. Eyes. Oh! Taylor was so fun to photograph for multiple reasons. One being that I've known her for a few years now, so we both felt relaxed and comfortable. She's a graduate of the Communication Disorders program at NMSU like I was, and she will be starting graduate school to become a  Speech-Language Pathologist, as well! She's always been a go-getter and a leader in her class. Not only does she excel academically, but she's about as sweet as they come! Not to mention, she's incredibly gorgeous! I loved getting to visit with her about classes, her future, and even photography while we shot! She has a love for the same things I do: SLP and photography--what a good combo! ;-) 

With all of this in common and her beautiful blue eyes and smile, she was so fun to work with! She made it easy on me with how comfortable she was in front of the camera. I think it helped that she was so excited to be graduating!! SUPER proud of you Taylor! You, go girl!