Clark & Brooke | Dallas Contest Winners

Ahhh their joy seriously radiates from these pictures! I've known Brooke since way back when. We grew up in the small town of Artesia, NM together, and after looking up to her for years growing up, I knew someday she was going to score someone very special. Thankfully, I got to meet this special someone during their photo session with me in Dallas over my spring break. The week prior, I had advertised for a contest that each of them entered. And obviously, they were the winners of this half session! We visited & laughed our way through their session and ended it on a fun note: pictures in the rain! Yep, it definitely started sprinkling on us toward the end, and if you look closely, you can see rain drops! 

Visiting didn't end there though. Jordan joined us, and we enjoyed ourselves some yummy dinner at Torchy's Tacos! I can foresee some future double dates with these two once we make the move to Dallas this summer! They make such a sweet pair, and the way the way they talk about their love story and one another is precious. I couldn't have imagined anyone more perfect for Brooke! They're mutually lucky.

Clark had hinted to me that he was going to ask Brooke to marry him the following Saturday. He knew there were only a few days to spare, so he asked that I hold the sneak peaks of their session until after he put a ring on her finger! And from pictures and descriptions, she's got herself a beauty on her finger! 

Congratulations, you two! It's been fun joining in on all your excitement from afar!