Kaitlan | NMSU Senior

Beautiful, sweet, and so encouraging! I had never met Kaitlan before except for over Facebook. She is another local photographer in Las Cruces who is very passionate and talented. She'll be relocating her business to Germany very soon, so while we took her NMSU senior portraits, we had to capture a few pictures of her with camera in hand. 

We began her session in Old Mesilla with all of it's beautiful buildings and colors. Our session moved to another favorite location of mine in Mesilla. It's lush beauty just totally complimented Kaitlan's smile! And I'm not kidding you, she was the sweetest model ever to have in front of my camera! Even afterward, she continued with the encouragement and kind words. And as the photographer, I adored her beautiful soft smile with her eyes and her bright and joyful smile that you'll see often! I loved getting to know Kaitlan and enjoyed my time with her in front of my camera!

Congratulations to you on your graduation and best of luck to you with your move!!!