Artesia High Best Friends | Cap & Gown Session

Oh these 5 beautiful girls. I've known them for years and years, as I've watched them grow up in the same church I grew up in. They are each uniquely talented and passionate in their own way, which makes friendship so much more of an adventure. When they inquired for a cap and gown session together, I couldn't think of a more fun way to let time stand still for them. College comes and goes very quickly, but friendships from high school and before can last a lifetime. My hope is that these ladies will recognize the blessing they have in one another, and figure out the best way to keep in touch over the years--whether it be Skype, holiday gatherings, text, or that Snap Chat thing that I still haven't given into! ;-)

I can say that the holiday get-togethers when you're visiting home from college are are There's so much to catch up on, learn about, and chat over. From NMSU to Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, I know they'll have tons of exciting stories to share! 

Congratulations, pretty ladies! I'm so proud of you all and looking forward to following you in your adventures (thanks social media!)! Let these photos be a reminder of the fun you had the fun that's ahead for you all!