Our Second Anniversary | A Blast to the Past

2 years ago today, I woke up with the biggest most peaceful butterflies in my stomach.  It was the day I got to see Jordan’s smile at the end of the aisle while my daddy walked me to him.

 Photo by Jess Addington Photography

Photo by Jess Addington Photography

With 25+ weddings under our belts now, it never crossed my mind on our wedding day that we’d be wedding photographers, on the other side of the camera, someday. This is where I have to giggle and thank God for his plans. Looking back on these makes me forever thankful for our wedding photographer, Jess Addington! 

Jordan enjoyed his wedding day morning with his groomsmen shooting clay pigeons at our farm, where the reception would later take place. I planned to sleep in but woke up in utter excitement at the crack of dawn. I grabbed my Nikon D3100 and enjoyed an early morning farm walk taking pictures of what was already hung and in place. Shortly thereafter, my girlfriends and I sipped mimosas, did our hair and makeup and probably sang to some love songs that came on Pandora or something.

The reception was held in the barn on the farm I grew up on. So much of our wedding day had our fingerprints all over it. Which I look back on and love. Jordan, his dad and brother built our mason jar chandeliers that hung in the barn AND built our dance floor! My dad and family friends cleaned up the farm and barn into tip-top shape--among many other things. My mom and Mary, Jordan’s mom, helped with anything they saw needed extra hands: baking desserts, addressing envelopes, organizing this and that.

I was in my senior year of undergrad as I planned and spent way too many hours on Pinterest. Many hours of that last semester went to planning and implementing those ideas into my centerpieces, cotton boutonnières and rustic details. I actually kind of have this love affair with cotton. I think it has to do with seeing it in fields next to our farm as I grew up. My daddy and I picked cotton together the October before our wedding, and we used that same cotton for the details.

I cringe thinking how quickly this day came and went and how vaguely I actually remember the details of the day. However, I am extremely thankful for our photographer and the memories she captured, because it's nearly impossible to remember it all. I do remember that I couldn’t have had any more fun, the DJ made our celebration a blast, and it felt incredible having so many loved ones of ours joined together with us in one place. Seeing all of our hard work, time and love executed in one day was worth it and amazing.

When it came down to it, I walked down the aisle with more excitement than I had ever had. I sang Amazing Grace next to Jordan, said, “I do” and kissed that handsome man to walk back down the aisle as Mrs. Davenport!

2 years later, I’m in awe that it’s gone by so quickly. You can say we have experienced the fun in marriage and the unavoidable difficult times in marriage. Both have brought us closer together, and thankfully, we have these images to look back on and remind us of this perfect day. I loved looking back on these images, because it let me relive those moments in such a sweet way. This flash back ended up being a sweet reminder of the job we have as wedding photographers: to provide images that will someday remind couples of the undeniable, incredible love and excitement on their wedding day.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Boo Boo! Excited for our road trip adventures this week!