Day Trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, TX | HGTV's Fixer Upper

Cool, cool, COOL! Jordan gets major points. He came home Friday and mentioned how he saw Magnolia Market post on Instagram saying they were having a sale at their shop on Saturday. And just like that we planned our day trip!

Truth is we equally love Fixer Upper. It's one of those shows that we both agree to watching at night. Because let's be real, he doesn't always want to watch the Bachelorette and I don't always want to watch Alaska shows. 

We just love Chip and Joanna. They make us laugh constantly and they never cease to amaze us during each episode. Jordan often brings up the episode where Chip at a cockroach and comments how he's never lost a triple dog dare in his life. Yes, Jordan may have even recorded it on his iPhone so that he could have proof when he retells this silly story. Aside from their humor and cute love, they make such a talented powerhouse of a team. I wish I could style like Joanna--that girl has got taken! They make such a sweet team. If you haven't seen the show Fixer Upper on HGTV yet, you're totally missing out. 

They take old, inexpensive homes and flip them for a couple or family. When they show the final product, I am always so in love and blown away. French country--that right there is my taste in homes, I do believe! Maybe they'll come to Dallas and fix up a home of ours someday....! I'm dreamin'! 

So we decided to make our day trip to Waco where we arrived to a busy, busy Magnolia Market. It's just as cute as you would imagine! Their little shop was full of cute decorations and do-dads--signs, votives, plant holders, tshirts, candles, and any other cute trinket that would go in a home! They had upbeat Christian music playing that just totally set the mood. Outside they had a food truck selling ice cream sandwiches, a couple tents with the sale items and another little building holding more goodies to purchase! 

We walked out with a couple tshirts, a little votive and photo holder. Eeek! They're totally going on my dream future desk. And yes, I wore my tshirt home. We were told that Saturdays are as busy as today was, so if you're making your trip to Magnolia Market, plan wisely, because it's a hoppin' place and totally worth the trip if you're as big a fan as we are! 

After we check out, they gave us a map with some of Joanna's favorite places to see and eat. We chose the Cafe Homestead, because....well, to be honest, "homestead", caught our attention! Our GPS took us a little outside of Waco to the quaintest of places. We split a delicious, home grown, grass fed and all-that-jazz burger and washed it down with an Arnold Palmer and peach tea. The peach tea might have been out of this world. They had a barn gift shop full of neat things to see, smell and take pictures of (so Jordan and his dad can decide what to build later)!

Day trip #1 was a success in our books!