Jake & Mary | White Rock Lake Engagement Session

Mary & Jake had no idea how excited I was to not only meet them but photograph their engagement session. This was for a few reasons. Firstly, I am always pumped to shoot engagement sessions. There's just something about meeting two people in love and having the privilege to let them totally relax and be in love in front of my camera. It's the best. But secondly, they were my very first couple to shoot after our recent move to Dallas! I was seriously bursting at the seems before we met at White Rock Lake. And they didn't disappoint. It's easy to tell that they are so deeply in love. So sweet in each others arms. And so much fun. I mean goodness--everyone wants to laugh as much as they do! 

They welcomed me to Dallas oh-so-sweetly. I had a blast during their engagement session. It's so fun for my little photography heart to shoot in new places, and White Rock Lake was perfect for that. The light was plentiful and lovely, the couple was beautiful and that engagement ring--oh, that engagement ring! I'm swooning over all of this rose gold beauty I've been seeing lately.

They were the sweetest and brought me a large water bottle before we began, because let's be real: fighting the Texas humidity is a task. Again, they were my perfect first couple to shoot after our move to Dallas, because I had no idea how much water consumption I would need to make after a Texas engagement session. Hint: a lot! They were so thoughtful! 

These two have a special one--a special, fun love. I'm excited for their big day come December 5th! Congrats you two!