Arbor Hills Engagement Session | Brittany & Cotey

I had so much fun editing Cotey and Brittany's engagement session, because I realized just how much fun they had! Or maybe it was just how much fun they have together, because they're so in love. Either way, I loved capturing their love and their joyful smiles! I realize that's my favorite thing to capture during an engagement session. Our location didn't disappoint with its golden, beautiful light that kissed the hairs on Brittany's head often. What a beautiful couple they make--Brittany's stunning eyes and lovely smile paired with the smile on Cotey's face when he's looking into her eyes. Oh, I just loved them! By the end of their session, they were posing without my guidance by simply just being themselves and having a good time. I couldn't have asked for more! 

Now I can easily say I am even more excited for their wedding in just a few short weeks!