Annie Turns 1 | Oh What Fun

Oh, Annie you are so adorable!

This little cutie lives across the street from us, and she and her family greeted us oh-so-sweetly when we were barely starting the renovation on our fixer upper. Y’all, they brought us a cookie cake! While the house was basically in shambles--paint buckets everywhere, concrete floors and the craziness of it all—they made it so much sweeter. Literally.

They’ve been so sweet and welcoming to us. We just love the Orrs!

And I loved getting to save some memories of their little Annie for them! She was a little angel. There was no picking of the leaves, crying, crawling or running away—because, let’s be real: this is how baby sessions sometimes go!  She basically just set the bar high. She was a little rock star and charmed us with her adorable little expressions and grins.

And talkative. The speechie in me had to notice how darn cute her constant babbling became once she warmed up. She was talking up a storm to mom and me while we played with her!

Oh what fun the Orr household must be. We’re so thankful to have moved in across the street from the Orrs and felt so welcomed to the neighborhood by them!

Happy Friday friends!