Best of Weddings | 2016

You know, 2016 was a pretty great year! It was actually a huge year for me. A rather risky one, but one that I've dreamed of since I accidentally started my photography business while in graduate school! 

We photographed 24 weddings, and in June, I went full time with photography after working basically two full time jobs as a speech pathologist in RISD and wedding photographer. Needless to say, the first half of 2016 was BUSY, and thankfully, the second half kept me just as busy it seemed like. A "good" busy that I was able to pour more of my time and attention into serving couples and organizing my business while taking a class at my church and having more of a social life at the same time. 

We're gearing up for 25 weddings that we already have on our calendar, and I couldn't be more excited for 2017! I'm honestly shocked but super thankful that this is where we stand. We're just about at our goal for the year, and it's a sign to me that this door is staying open for 2017. I'm grateful, because I love working with and meeting couples, exercising my creative muscles and all the adventures this leads me on. 

Today, I'm sharing my favorite images and moments from 2016, and some of you will be seeing these again in our new Bridal Magazine that will be going out soon! 

I can't thank these couples enough for letting me be part of their wedding days, and I can't stress enough how lucky I feel to be able to get to know these couples and families during my time with them. Y'all, there were some STUNNING (all of them) weddings that I photographed in 2016, and I pray that these marriages can began as beautifully as these weddings were! 

Surprise! There may be a few engagement session images sprinkled in just for fun! ;-)