Trey & Amanda | Their Romantic Valentine's Elopement

Maximum excitement.

That's what I remember about this day when I look at the pictures from Trey and Amanda's elopement.  You can see it on Amanda's face over and over again, and you can nearly feel it when you see it in their pictures!

I'm sure you're shocked right now--thinking that there's no way this beautifully green of a wedding took place in February, but you guys, it sure did. And it was so lovely. The backlighting, the greenery, the perfectly warm Saturday--all added to such a memorable and fun day for both Trey and Amanda. 

There were multiple times during their husband and wife portraits that I just let them take the lead, because it was obviously better, and their love completely guided them--you'll see! It makes for the best portraits. 

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw eloped February 13 with their best friends and parents by their side to witness their becoming of one. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentines day but to celebrate it hand-in-hand with your new spouse and share the exciting news with the world. 

Which they did. And they had a blast doing so. 

I'm thankful I was able to meet and document such a sweet day for Trey and Amanda and their families!  Hugs to you two!