The Bowman's | Pregnancy Announcement

I can finally share this news with you! It’s official—Facebook official, that is!

You may recognize this sweet husband and wife, because we had the honor of photographing their wedding this past August.  When Brittany emailed me sharing the exciting news, asking if I’d take pregnancy announcement photos for them, I literally squealed out loud. I was so excited for them and so thankful they let me in on yet another life-changing special time in their lives!

It reminded me how thankful I am for this passion of mine that I’m able to use and stay connected with past LDP couples.  We fall in love with each of our couples and to hear that they have such a joy in their lives just makes us so joyful. It’s fun to share in that joy with them just like we do on their wedding days! Because I mean, you can’t help but just fall in love with Cotey and Brittany when you meet them anyway, right!?

Once I saw them share the news with Facebook, I got excited to share with you all!

We took their pregnancy announcement photos a few weeks ago, and they created the sweetest video to go along with them. You have to see!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up.  They shared that they were expecting with members of their family while they recorded their reactions, and well, take a look for yourself… :) 

Cotey and Brittany, we’re so pumped for you and your families! Hugs to you both!!