Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session | Brian & Nina

Not only did love bring these two together, but….


Oreos did. 

An epic Oreo-eating contest was what instigated something more for Brian and Nina. I mean, that aside from their obvious attraction to one another and the fact that they actually had known each other way before the epic contest.

The challenge was given, accepted and completed.  Nina dominated. However, she was the person telling me this cute story, so unless Brian wants to catch me before this is published… :-)

Cute. Fun. And sweet.

I loved hearing the details and fun that Nina shared when we met over coffee a few weeks ago.  After working with the two of them, I can’t help but think that fun describes 100% of their time together. I can’t help but think that this fun is what attracted them to one another initially.  And I hope that this fun never ceases and takes the shape of new firsts, future trips together, and memories throughout their engagement and marriage.

Because I know I sure had fun when I photographed their engagement session at the incredible Dallas Arboretum. It’s no joke people. It was one of those sessions where adrenaline just runs right through you, because everything is just perfect: your subjects are in love, beautiful and joyful, the location is overflowing with unique and colorful blossoms and the lighting is on point, cloudy with some backlighting break-through.

Nina looked flawless, and the way she could make Brian’s smile immediately light-up also contributed to a rather epic engagement session. I’ll let you see for yourself!

I just can’t wait for their nuptials next September. I’m so giddy to document their wedding day and watch them commit their lives to one another!

Hugs to you two!!