Happy Birthday | An Open Letter To Jordan

My love, 

Even though you don't see April 29th any differently, I see it as the day to celebrate and acknowledge you.  

I know I don't tell you this enough, but I'm so proud of you. You work so hard for us. As an ICU nurse and as a handyman fixing up our house. 

You know that every time I say things like, "Eek! I can't wait for our cabinets to be painted now", "...our kitchen to be finished", "....to cook in our kitchen", what I'm really saying is this is so exciting. I'm sure you hear it as, "hurry, hurry", but I hope you know how incredible you are, how lucky I feel like I am and how fun you are to be my husband. You know I've never been the best with this whole patience thing... 

I can't believe how hard you've worked on our dream fixer upper since we got the keys just this past October. I also can't believe how many clothing items are now ruined.... ;-)

I can't believe how hard you work at your job, and I'm even more pleased with how much you love your job. I can't believe how much better shifts feel compared to the night shifts you started out with... :-) 

I can't believe how hard you can make me laugh. I can't believe how as we're growing older together, our maturity levels don't seem to get that memo. I hope they never do. ;-) 

I can't believe you're mine. 

Last weekend when one of your past patients from the ICU cooked us all dinner on her China, told you and the other nurses how helpful you were, how you are "angels of mercy" and how comfortable and safe she felt with you all, I was smiling so big not only on the outside but on the inside. How incredible is that? I'm so proud.

As you know, life these days moves pretty quickly. Like light-years fast. So if I fail to let you know or say it enough, you're awesome. You're a beast. You love me well and you help me put the important things in life into perspective. All the time. 

I know you don't want today to look any differently, but I promise you that I'll make sure this day and weekend feels like your birthday. 

Happy birthday, my love!