Davenports Have Some Big News!


News #1

My stomach is dropping right now for several reasons as I begin to type this blog.

Jordan and I have some exciting news to share with you all, and I’ll start with the most exciting first—we are welcoming a little Davenport into the world this December! 12-12-2016, and we are thrilled and nervous at the same time! 

It's been so fun and special for Jordan and I to experience and watch this little baby in me that's growing, strong with a heartbeat that we first heard at just 7.5 weeks. To stop and think how God is intricately knitting together this miracle in my tummy that you can't even visibly see yet is just...incredible. But that word doesn't even do it justice. I know without a doubt that this little baby is going to sharpen and grow me in ways that no one else can. I know that, because...I've already had 3 months of it! In the area of selfishness, specifically. I can hardly wait to see the way this little sweetness teaches me to be a loving mommy, a less-worried mommy and a selfless mommy. 

So far, I don't feel like I should complain! I crave salads, fruits and veggies more than I did non-preggo, I’ll take a salty snack versus sweet, and I’m a more “exaggerated version of myself” (quote taken from Lauren!), which, if you know me, means I cry…more frequently! :) Morning sickness can just stay at bay! 

I think one of the best parts is seeing Jordan’s excitement when I told him, when we heard the heartbeat first and when we make little milestones and dreams together.

It’s been such a joy photographing some lifestyle newborn sessions and having many pregnant coworkers and friends right now. God works in incredible ways, and we know His timing is better than ours! Always.

News #2

With that being said, I also have some other exciting news to share. After 3 years of dreaming, hustling and dreaming, the doors have opened and are leading our photography business in this direction—I am going full time with photography! We are completely booked for 2016 and are meeting brides, booking into 2017 and completely thankful for it all.

This last year looked so different for us as we graduated, moved to Dallas and have pursued our fixer upper and careers—Jordan as a nurse and me as a speech pathologist. This upcoming year will bring forth its obvious changes, as well, which we are excited to experience.

I foresee myself always keeping my feet wet with speech pathology in the future, because 1. I do love the kids and 2. I don’t want to lose my skills/I want to keep learning. We’ll see what that looks like for me as a mommy and photographer!

Because there are few things I clearly feel called to right now: availability, community and a combination of the two for my friends, family and clients.

And of course, our little babe due this December. Wait, what!?

Like always, we appreciate the prayers, encouragement and support with both of these exciting announcements, both with baby and with full time photography.