Fall Mini Sessions & LDP Updates

Just like some of you out there are getting pumped for football season or maybe even seeing visions of fall and pumpkins, I, on the other hand, am getting so excited as I gear up for this busy season! Fall is a busy time of mini sessions for Christmas cards, senior sessions and weddings, weddings, weddings! But hey, I'm also on team fall, so I am one of those who is seeing visions of fall and pumpkins, as well! So while I sit here with my premature pumpkin candle burning and eat diced peaches, I wanted to share with you all the news and updates you can look forward to in the next couple months from LDP! 

Mini Sessions

With every weekend in September & October filled with weddings, I'm going to be opening mini sessions on week nights throughout the next few months in the Dallas area. I will be scheduling 4-5 minis during these evenings in designated locations that I've chosen. If one of these dates looks like it works for you, let me know sooner than later, so I can know whether to open more up and close dates. Some locations will be natural and some will be more urban, near buildings that add some color and shade. I've already had some fun with location scouting! Minis are $150 for 15 minutes and at least 20 images in a PASS gallery. 
If you're looking for a longer session, you can see where our 1-hour pricing begins here. Below are a few dates that are available now:

September 9 (full)
September 23 (Urban)
October 3 (Prairie Creek Park)
October 13 (Wilson District Cottages)


Wedding Referrals

Some of the best referrals and sweetest brides we've worked with are brides who were referred by friends and clients like you. We love word of mouth referrals and love that relational element attached to them. We would love for you to keep us in mind when you have loved ones who get engaged in the months to come. If you feel like we would be a good fit for them, we trust your referral and would be very appreciative! We take our referrals seriously and are so very thankful for them all, gifting you in one way or another! I mean, they truly keep our business running and are a huge reason why I'm full time right now! You can send them to our CONNECT page here, and it'll help them get started! 

Senior Sessions 

Even though weddings are keeping me busy, I sure would love to have some sweet, excited, beautiful seniors in front of my camera a few times throughout the month! If you know of anyone in need in the Dallas area, I am definitely open to taking a few as my calendar during the week allows! Our sessions begin at 1-hour, but we have bigger packages, as well. I've already photographed some beautiful, beautiful senior girls who were just such perfect jump-starters to the senior season. Ah--what an exciting time for them!

Travel Dates

And lastly, New Mexico, I see you!!! I'm comin' for you! If you book your mini in the next week, you'll receive a $25 credit, making your total $125 for your mini. My next and last two trips to New Mexico before baby Davenport are going to be shorter and sweeter so that it can be very family-saturated, so these slots will be limited. I've already been in touch with a few of you. However, I'll be back at it next spring! For now, I can say that I have these dates available for mini sessions:

September 2nd and 5th in Artesia (2-3 available)
September 3rd in Las Cruces (1-2 available)
October 7th (3 available)

Photography Coaching 

You know, I really do love photography. I find myself loving teaching, helping, finding creative marketing ideas, helping others and just anything even semi-related to photography and business. I love learning about it myself actually. I've started a separate tips & tricks newsletter that is just for photographers, which if this is you, you can sign up here. I hope to create a community online that is helpful and encouraging to others. One thing I love about our fixer upper is opening it up to others and hosting. You can bet that if the opportunity arises, I'll be hosting workshops for photographers in my home. In the meantime, 1-1 coaching is also something available. If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, I would love to see it and you flourish! 

Thanks for reading and HUGS!