Dallas Renaissance Hotel Colorful Wedding | Gregory & Sarah

Okay everybody. Can I just make something clear? 

This was one of my most favorite weddings to photograph. 

For so many reasons! And I definitely over-posted. Sorry! ;-)

One of those reasons being that this couple was so easy to love. This bride is absolutely ideal to work with for so many different reasons, and I feel that every one of her vendors would agree! Her creativity, warmth, excitement, personality and just everything--ideal. I absolutely understand why Gregory put a ring on it! ;-) 

Other reasons being the creativity and time put into planning their dream wedding. My jaw is still honestly on the floor over this very detail that I hope you take the time to scroll through: Sarah designed and created her own stationery for her wedding--menus, invitation suite, travel ideas, reception invite, everything. And it was top-notch. Creative. Bold, colorful, warm and inviting. Ironically, they matched her personality! If you didn't know much about Dallas or the details of Sarah and Gregory, you did after receiving an invitation. And I do believe that's part of what made every guest at their wedding feel like family, have the weekend of their lives and celebrate like it was a PARTY! 

Not only were Sarah's ideas for her stationery amazing, but the ideas she had for the portraits of her with Gregory and her loved ones--priceless. Creative and so fun! 

And can we also just praise the beauty of dancing, getting married and taking portraits on a rooftop overlooking the Dallas city skyline?! Oh BEAUTY! What an incredibly exquisite memory and experience for everyone! The weather had to be one of the many cherries on top! 

But of course, in addition to the amazing details, there were moments of pure joy that were absolutely priceless. There are 4 that stood out to me, though many were absolutely present! 

The first being the moment that Sarah and Gregory shared on the rooftop when they both first saw each other--intimate. They hugged, kissed, smiled bigger than ever and showed their vows with one another. The second being the moment Sarah's father first saw her in her wedding dress--emotional. These are some of my favorite pictures captured! The third being when they became husband and wife, exchanged rings, sealed with a kiss and were celebrated down their recessional. And lastly, which I hope you scroll as far to see, is their exit. It was different from other exits in that they walked downstairs, carefully and slowly, which created a longer amount of time for their loved ones to celebrate these two with orange and purple pom-poms shaking excitedly in the air. And what I loved most about this was seeing the biggest smiles of the night from both Sarah and Gregory from the top of that staircase to the very bottom and beyond. 

You guys. The JOY! I LOVE that this is how they know they are loved, supported and celebrated. Love these two!!