White Rock Lake Fall Engagement Session | Kody & Lindsey

I feel so lucky to have Kody and Lindsey in front of my camera! And lucky for them, we hit White Rock Lake right at its prime time for fall colors and experienced lovely weather! Besides those dang mosquitos, but I had almost forgotten about them until I brought this up...anyway! :) 

I met Lindsey a few months back while she an anniversary session I had to help her brother and his wife with their cute pup. I had no idea she was in a serious relationship with Kody, so when she reached out to inquire, I was SO thrilled for her! I just loved her sweet personality during her brother and sister-in-law's session! And obviously, I think it goes without being said, she is absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful inside and out! 

She and Kody made such beautiful subjects and were so fun to visit with throughout their session. Lindsey's joy is so radiant from her smile and overall appearance when Kody is near. I drove home absolutely giddy after their session, because everything about it was my favorite! They can't take a mediocre picture--everything is simply stunning! It makes me so excited for their wedding day!