Winter Milestone Aubrey Wedding | Andrew & Rachel

Warm. Abundance of love. And joyful. 

When I remember Andrew and Rachel's wedding day, I think back to the warmth and excitement that I immediately felt as I walked in. I met Andrew first, and he eagerly greeted me and made sure I had what I needed. And just like Andrew, every encounter I made throughout the rest of the day was similar--so warm, helpful and full of joy! 

Especially when I saw Rachel for the first time! This beautiful bride was full of the best kind of nerves (I mean, she was just hours away from seeing her groom!), as stunning as ever and NEVER (and I mean never) stopped smiling! These are my ideal wedding days that I hope for! 

And when I mean ideal, I mean absolutely meaningful and heartfelt. 

You guys, I don't know if it's just me lately or I have the most perfect couples, but I can't hold back the tears. I'm almost certain you won't be able to either once you scroll to Andrew and Rachel's First Look with each other. Y'all, I was already tearing up before I even went to get Rachel after Andrew was ready in the location we chose. Why? Because I could already tell that Andrew was tearing up from just the thought of seeing his bride just minutes away!


This is what fuels my tank! Oh! I just love it. Oh, I'm just so happy for them. So naturally, already being buttered up, I felt with these two as Andrew obviously was blown away with his beautiful bride Rachel when she first saw her. And she felt it. I know she felt as beautiful as she looked, because her groom nonverbally and verbally told her! :) 

Excitement and joy like this just automatically makes portraits so much fun and enjoyable immediately following. We used every little last bit of natural light and then proceeded with their ceremony inside after dark. Andrew and Rachel had so many loved ones who were so excited for them, prayed for/with them and celebrated with them the remainder of this night after they became husband and wife. 

It was truly such an honor to watch these two wholeheartedly and excitedly commit their love and lives to one another and before God. Truly! I'm so excited that these two are MARRIED!