Arbor Hills Engagement Session | Jarred & Leah

These pretty, pretty people! 

Picture this: a cool, comfortable evening, a wide open, natural and lovely area, clouds that cover the sun a little here and a little there and a beautiful couple who clearly loves each other. 

YES! Yes! That was basically my time with Jarred and Leah! I seriously had so much fun! It was like one of those I'm-so-talkative-after-I-leave kind of sessions, because it was just so lovely. The weather couldn't have agreed with them more, and we witnessed the first appearance of spring with some color in the background! 

Spending our simple hour and a half with them showed me how much fun they'll be to photograph on their wedding day. They're both so down-to-earth, genuine and fun to be around. I'd say that's an ideal #ldpcouple to me! I think them being photogenic is obviously a plus! 

September can't be here soon enough for us to celebrate, but these next several months leading up to will be so fun and special. Leah and Jarred, I had a blast with you two, and I cannot wait for your big day!