Arbor Hills Engagement Session | Lexie & Jake

Juuuust about the time everything started turning green, Lexie and Jake were looking preeeetty sweet together! 

I am LOVING Texas and how GREEN everything is becoming!! Lexie and Jake's engagement session just so happened to be timed perfectly with bright green colors and LOVELY weather--we've so been lucking out! I'm not looking forward to sweaty session season around the corner! :) 

The green and the weather just added to the fun. Lexie and Jake were clearly so in love, happy and relaxed. I was so giddy when their engagement session rolled around, because it had been months since I met with Lexie and her mom to hear about her beautiful fall November wedding that they're planning. It's going to be beautiful! I love love love fall weddings. 

And I love love loved my time with Jake and Lexie. I loved her soft curls, the way Jake pulled her in closer to love on her and the way they feel so comfortable around each other. Like two peas in a pod. They're definitely meant for each other!