Colorful Hidden Waters Wedding | Brad & Bonnie

Bright, colorful, lush and dreamy. What a combination, no!? 

Not only was photographing the Espino, which was exploding with color, exciting but so was getting to know Bonnie and Brad throughout the process. For those of you who do know this couple, are they not the best?! How fun are they!? I am kind of obsessed with Bonnie's fun, carefree, loving personality. She reminded me of a friend back home, so I felt as though I had known her forever actually! Plus, I think that's one of the memorable traits about this beautiful bride is how she doesn't know a stranger. 

Her vision for her wedding day was a bright, colorful, FUN one, and I promise you she received just that! 

We had been watching the weather for a couple which prior, and it was showing increasing chances of rain--all the way up to 100% nearly the entire wedding day. I literally brought a change of clothes, rain boots, protective gear covering, the whole nine yard. I was prepared to be creative and do what I needed to do to get the shots that Bonnie was dreaming. And let me tell you, with a venue like Hidden Waters, the possibilities are endless. I can't say enough about the lush, beautiful, colorful grounds that was their venue. It's a photographer's dream. But anyway, Bonnie was the BEST and was so optimistic about the outcome of her wedding day, and she even bought the cutest clear umbrellas! 

WHICH. We did NOT end up needing! I'm still a little in shock with an overload of gratefulness that we were able to take pictures outside on Hidden Waters magical grounds. I even apologized to Brad for taking "just one more" picture and said that it was their fault for choosing such a gorgeous venue! ;-)

You guys. These two. Ah! 

While the chance of rain was enough to safely move the ceremony indoor, it did not come close to taking away from the beauty that was their commitment to one another. There isn't an undesirable place at their venue to take pictures, so they were unknowingly prepared in that sense! Bonnie walked down the aisle with her brother who combined with their mother, gave Bonnie to Brad, and when I think of their ceremony, I think of joy. I literally just think of both of them beaming with so much joy and their family member who officiated their nuptials. 

While much of Bonnie and Brad's wedding day was bright, joyful and surprisingly easy, it was only fitting for their ceremony to add the cherry on top with how much fun it was. DJ Chris Brown brought it, and the dance floor definitely showed it! 

Guys, can we please relive this wedding day?! It was a photographer's dream and a photographer's dream couple. Bonnie and Brad, thank you so much for such a fun day. Love you guys! 

Venue: Hidden Waters Wedding and Events Venue
Coordinator: Exceptional Events TX
Hair & Makeup: Angie Williams 
Cake: Celebrity Cafe & Bakery
Florist: Lizziebee's
DJ: Djchrisbrown
Video: Adams Film Productions