Arlington Hall Bridal Session | Becca

Quite simply: I loved working with Becca. I loved working with her mama, her sister, her family, her bridesmaids--everyone. Her people are sweet people, just like her! 

Quite simply: she is gorgeous. Her wedding dress is gorgeous. Her hair is gorgeous. Her smile is gorgeous

It was only obvious that her bridal session would be gorgeous! And she's just as sweet as she is beautiful, which is why I loved working with her! And, it's a plus that we are both speechies! I love that I have so many former and future brides who are speech language pathologists, because I can relate to them and know a little inside into their worlds (I used to be an SLP!). 

Becca and Kyle married at United Methodist Church Richardson this past weekend, and it was an emotional, joyful, beautiful night to document. My heart was full by the end of the night, and I can hardly wait to share those with you on the blog later this week! In the meantime, enjoy beautiful Becca!