Lakeside Park Engagement Session | Courtney & Luke

Her smile was always big in the halls, but when she was in Luke's arms, it was bigger than I had ever seen. 

I met Courtney last year when I worked as an SLP in Richardson ISD. She was a teacher, and while we would discuss the speech of her kiddos in her class, we'd also talk about her boyfriend who lived in New Orleans. They were dating long distance, but they had known each other and dated for years prior. Courtney took the leap and moved to New Orleans to put an end to their long distance, and soon after, while they were visiting home together, Luke got down on one knee on the football field of the high school they both attended and asked Courtney to marry her. 

After seeing her smile during their engagement session, I can only image the smile Luke saw when he asked Courtney for forever. 

It was fun for me to see this sweet friend of mine, who I had heard talk about this boy she was clearly in love with, be so joyful in his arms. No more distance. No more decision-making other than wedding planning, and I'm sure they're having a fun time with that! 

Luke is so sweet and perfect for Courtney, and I truly cannot WAIT for their wedding next February! They are SUCH a beautiful couple--I don't think anyone can argue that one with me! They were such a joy to pjhotograph on this day where we beat the rain (that ended up never coming....!)!