LDP Basic Camera Workshop | Dallas, TX

I hear it all too often, "I have a nice camera, but I don't know how to use it! What lens do I need?"

Or, "what camera should I buy?!"

These two questions almost stump me when someone casually asks them, because, if I'm being honest, it could take hours and hours to answer!! It seems as though when you ask one question about photography, you've opened a can of worms, and it's never-ending! 

Thus, cue the confetti, because I'm hoping to answer these questions of yours in a workshop I'll be hosting in our home! The journey of photography is truly never ending, which makes it so exciting. 

Not only did it help us pay bills in college, it has now turned into my full-time career. I'm able to document my family's (little Lukey's) life because of it, and I can document products for vendors I meet (florals, cutting boards, stationery, etc.). Truly, the possibilities to make creative income or bless others are endless with a camera in your hand. 

..which is why I've been working behind the scenes to create a workshop specifically for the moms who want to learn how to use their cameras, the photographer who is wanting to master their camera faster than watching youtube videos and going through trial and error or the business owner who wants to have the skill to photograph their trade. 

We are bringing BACK workshops to LDP, because the interest is great, and I have MISSED teaching! We hosted 3 workshops when we lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico--one full day covering "everything photography" and another specific to wedding photography. This workshop will be geared toward learning how to use your camera and what to look for and think about when you're using it. 

Lindsay Davenport Photography Workshop 

If you know you're interested, you can nab a seat and the early bird rate first! 

  • The workshop price is regularly $199, but the early bird rate of $129 is lasting through the end of July. 
  • The workshop is capping off at 12 photographers attending to create a more intimate experience.
  • The workshop will take place at the Davenport residence where Jordan and I will be able to break apart and help you 1-1 after the teaching. 
  • It would be helpful to bring a DSLR camera and laptop, but we will have a couple extra cameras to pass around if you need.
  • We'll begin at 6:00 and end at 9:00 PM. If there are any questions past 9:00, we welcome you to stay until you feel confident! 
  • You'll be added to a private FB group where you can continue asking questions, getting to know one another and encouraging one another while you're at it. 

You'll learn: 

  1. The ins and outs of your camera--what does that button do?!
  2. How to shoot in manual
  3. How to learn how to meter and use light when photographing
  4. The difference in lenses and what's best for you
  5. Life hacks: what you don't know you need to be looking for
  6. How to handle your files when uploading and saving
  7. How to feel confident creating meaningful, beautiful and purposeful images to save and use

Not sure if this is for you?? Feel free to reach out and ask! We're happy to answer any questions you may have and hope this may be the perfect fit for many of you!