Luke's 1 Year Pictures... at 13 months :)

Heart melted. In a puddle. 

It turns out Luke's birthday falls during a busy time of year (not news to anyone but me!), so somehow I managed to let his 1-year pictures slip away. I wanted to spend some special time with him to capture his fun personality in a cute outfit, his overalls to fit his birthday party theme (Polar Express) and to follow the tradition that Jordan's mom started for his siblings: they all had their picture taken at 1 year old in a sailor outfit before they had their hair cut. (I'm so sad/ready to get his hair cut now...!!!)!!! Seeing the comparisons of Jordan's 1 year sailor pictures and Luke's just MAKE ME MELT.

So all of this dang cold Texas weather (I really have enjoyed it) just prohibited that from happening this past month! Luke's actual birthday is 12-14-16, which is a busy time of year for work for me AND right before Christmas. Next year, I'll know to start a little sooner! ;-) 

Because of the weather, I decided to book The Lumen Room, which was such a good decision on my part! It was fabulous, bright and white--just like I hoped. Plus, it wasn't freezing ;-) 

And it was so special, because Luke's daddy joined us, and I literally couldn't have done it without him! Luke laughed at him, cheesed for him, and his extra hands were so necessary!! Luke has surpassed walking all the way to running now, so every time Jordan would put him down, I'd snap pictures for a couple seconds before he ran off completely. Talk about strategic and a WORKOUT. 

Anyway, I LOVE that I got some photos of him with the big 1 balloon, with the CHOO CHOO behind him in his conductor's (birthday) outfit AND the traditional sailor outfit that many of the Davenport cousins have been a part of. I cannot wait to get these on our WALLS.

We just adore this baby boy. I truly just pray that I can remember these moment. I try so hard!