Southwest University Stadium & Union Depot Whimsical Boho Wedding | Josh & Lilly

If I could pinpoint one favorite thing about Josh and Lilly's wedding day, I would. 

But the truth is that there were so many sentimental pieces, creatively unique and incredible details, vibrant and whimsical florals and beautiful moments that all come to mind at once. 

I think about how special it was for this bride and groom to exchange vows and become husband and wife in El Paso's Southwest University Stadium, where they were the first couple to ever do so. Ever. Like, as if marrying each other weren't special enough, they happened to set the stage for future couples to see how romantic and warm it is to marry in such a vast, beautiful venue as this. Yes, of course, the fact that Josh has a rather extensive history and love for baseball helps add to the sentimental value. ;-) 

I think about the fact that Lilly designed everything. Her vision coming to life was a treat to photograph and a creative masterpiece, to be honest!

Part of this design, which I just adored (out of the many things), was this specific party of their vision for their wedding day: they brought pieces from their home, like the peacock chairs, throws and pillows so that it was like an extension of their home. They desired for their wedding day to showcase what they loved with everybody they loved. And it felt like so: very warm, inviting and FUN. Guys, it was FUN. 

Lilly literally didn't overlook one detail as she designed and planned such a warm, romantic wedding day with a hint of whimsical boho. And her dress, you guys! The sleeves just did it for me. But so did the weavings attached to the bouquets. But so did the flower pieces in all of the bridesmaids' hair. But...guys, this list doesn't end! :-) 

And as if these details weren't enough; it gets better.

Lilly wore jewelry that was great, great, great grandmother's. I want to say that somehow I added an extra "great" to that, but I believe I'm correct! Her veil was handmade by her Nana, and her mother wore it down the aisle, as well. The number of amazing details that went into planning and making this wedding such a joyous celebration is too many to list in this here blog! ;-) 

So why don't you enjoy browsing this one-of-a-kind wedding day that Josh and Lilly have to remember as their best party YET! What a beautiful couple with a beautiful wedding day!