Artesia United Methodist Church Winter Wedding | Cody & Joy

Wintery. Elegant and absolutely, full of joy. 

It was such a treat in many ways to be in my hometown photographing Cody and Joy's wedding. Witnessing loved ones whose fingerprints were all over the wintery decor, the house in which the girls got ready, the bridal bouquets and every little detail imaginable. There was so much love, creativity and joy present in every little tiffany blue jewel that was placed. 

So much so like Cody and Joy's relationship. They dated for years before becoming engaged. I have to imagine there was much thought put into their decision to say "yes" for forever. And this was easy to witness as Joy walked down the aisle toward Cody. His reaction was one I hope Joy never forgets. His immediate reaction to catch tears from his eyes as Joy walked down the aisle with her daddy, glancing a smile at him while they walked together in the church that Joy knew as her home--priceless.

It was easy to witness in the way they looked at each other during portraits.

It was easy to witness in the way they loved their parents, their wedding party and the guests at their wedding by serving each and every one of them communion. 

There were many moments throughout the day that displayed the love and joy that was so very present in their relationship, and it was simply beautiful to experience. 

In addition to these moments, there were details that I just adored. Details like the lace that was on the top of Joy's stunning lace gown was from her mother's dress. Details like the earrings and necklace Joy wore were her mom's and the handkerchief around her bouquet was her grandmothers. So many loved ones came together to make Cody and Joy's wedding planning and executing the wintery, classy dream they had imagined, and at the end of their brunch, they were married, celebrated and Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks! 

I'm still over here like, I can't believe this beautiful girl who I *feel* like I watched grow up in front of me is now a wife--a beautiful, radiant, joyful wife who will be so precious to Cody! Congrats, you two!!