Monroe Pearson Wedding | Emili & Alex



There’s something that ALWAYS makes the details more beautiful to me.


Ohh my word. The connection, love and joy shared between Emili and Alex on their wedding day (and every day) is what EVERY wedding photographer hopes to photograph. The emotion and excitement we all experienced during not only Emili’s first look with Alex but also her father couldn’t be measured—it was off the charts! :)

Truly, it caused my camera to click extra fast as well as my heart beat to accelerate! I am so beyond happy for these two and couldn’t imagine them being anymore joyful on their wedding day! Every detail precisely planned before the wedding was stunning but only an afterthought when it came to Emili and Alex’s celebration with their loved ones.

And THAT’S special to me right there.

Emili had such a beautiful and unique vision for her wedding day, and it came together oh-so-lovely on October 21st.

Dancing, dancing, dancing didn’t cease until the ribbon-waving exit that sent them off on their way as Mr. and Mrs.

Emili and Alex, I am SO happy for you two! You make such a beautiful pair together, and I am mind blown by your combination of PRETTY + PERSONAL aspects from your day. What a treat to be a part of and capture for you two!