MOPAC Event Center Bright & Romantic Wedding | Andy & Hailey

Oh HELLO bright, beautiful and FUN! 

Andy and Hailey's wedding day couldn't have me more excited--for SO many reasons! 

As I was driving to Fort Worth in the rainy weather (which was predicted for all day long), I was mentally preparing for minimal portraits, creative planning for portrait location options and making sure I had all the necessary props for RAIN. I envisioned some pretty amazing portraits with umbrellas and knew it would be AMAZING regardless! I just knew it!  

WELL. Really, you guys, I'm getting so full of adrenaline as I type this, because I'm just so pleased and AMAZED at how the timeline of the day played out!! Eep!

We not only got all the necessary wedding party, husband and wife, and family portraits outside in natural light, but we even got MORE portraits than I am normally able to capture on a wedding day! As the forecast showed the rain headed our way, it didn't seem to bother anybody or put a damper on the smooth, relaxed and fun feel of their wedding day. Everything just fit together so naturally and easily!

I think it has much to do with Hailey and Andy's personality--you can't BE with them and not have fun. They're just the best--their personalities are so compatible, and I'm convinced they will have a BLAST anywhere they're together. Thankfully, we got to all join in on that! ;-) 

Plus, can we just take a moment for ALL THE LOVELY colors!? And details! Bah! Another surge of adrenaline is hitting. The Stills' wedding day was just over-the-top gorgeous and a photographer's dream to shoot! Hailey's father even walked her down the aisle and officiated the wedding with his notes for the ceremony in her Nana's bible--these special details--I live for them!  

As the rain moved our direction (immediately after ALL the portraits were completed--hallelujah!!) and began to pour, decisions had to be made. And with the poise and confidence from the bride and groom, it was decided that the cocktail hour would begin the celebration inside, the rain would pass (and it did--quickly!), the ceremony would follow (let's make it official!) and the reception would start afterward (can you say, "dance PARTY"!?). It all fit together so seamlessly and beautifully as the vendor team made adjustments, the bridal party continued celebrating and the guests mingled with their cocktails. 

Not to mention, a few guests helped brush the water away from the ceremony site so that it could begin quicker than planned! It was a team effort that came together flawlessly, and it ended with a beautiful event space being celebrated with the loveliest decor, the most joyful bunch and a sparkler exit that had everybody smiling. 

I hope you enjoy the obvious love, connection and fun that this couple shares together and just truly take in the awe of their wedding day--the florals still have me weak at the knees! :-) 

Hailey and Andy, it was a TREAT! Love you guys! 

PS: any bridal party who's game to pop champagne and celebrate with balloon letters (AYY) is my kind of party! ;-)