Windsor at Hebron Park Spring Wedding | Jon & Mycah

What an ideal day. 

The weather was lovely; the green a little greener than the weekend before; the people--beautiful and loving; the details--perfect and sentimental. 

It was just an overall smooth, stunning and fun day of which to be a part!

As I raved before in Mycah's bridal session, this bride exudes confidence, joy and such a matching inner beauty to her outer beauty. Her friends adore her; her family loves her; and her husband is one lucky guy! 

It was such an honor to get to know this sweet couple and all of the special details within their wedding day. For example, Mycah designed and made all of the hand-written or printed details, and those invitations were LOVELY, y'all! She's such a creative, talented bride with a vision for her wedding day that absolutely came to life. 

Speaking of coming to life--that dance floor y'all! Mycah and Jon tied the knot in a chapel with all of their loved ones present to celebrate with them, and the cherry on top was dancing on that dance floor! It was a total celebration! 

The band absolutely brought it, and the energy was contagious. With such a beautiful venue with vinery and bricks walls to make my heart jump, the portraits were exquisite and the memories are bound to be full of smiles and joy. A perfect wedding day for a couple that deserved nothing less! 

Hugs to this sweet pair who's currently honeymooning in Maui!