Dallas White Rock Lake Engagement Session | Jenna + Reid

Oh, sweet heavens, these two were just a BLAST.

They followed all my rules perfectly for their engagement session: they were simply in LOVE.

They were themselves. They were sweet. They were giddy. They loved on one another. And they didn’t try too hard.

Smiles were plentiful, and their natural attraction and excitement to simply just be together is what guided us along such a fun, smooth evening together. The weather was perfect; their outfits on point; and fall decided to show up in such a beautiful way for us.

I loved seeing how Jenna’s smile lit up even more so than the time I met her over coffee. It’s always so sweet to see the natural beauty radiate through brides’ smiles when they’re simply in the arms of the one they love.

Reid and Jenna make such a precious couple, and I can hardly wait for these smiles to radiate on their wedding day in July. I just know it’s going to be so special and fun for everyone—especially these two!

I just love them!