Bishop Arts & Trinity Groves Engagement Session | Taylor & Jacy

Ooo ooo all the heart eyes!

I think I've started this blog post so many times to feel like I can't sufficiently write a post sweet enough to do this couple justice! 

Because, clearly, they make the absolute cutest pair. 

I had the best time walking through the Bishop Arts District and Trinity Groves with them as my subjects. Because...there was so much more to them than just a pretty couple in front of my camera. They were SO precious, obviously in love and had so much fun just being themselves. I mean, popping champagne to wrap up your engagement session? Yes please!! 

I've found that couples are the easiest to photograph when they're comfortable with their love and one another other, and Taylor and Jacy hit the nail on the head with this one. Not to mention, (I'll give Jacy this credit), she killed it with outfit choices! ;-) 

We started their session out in Bishop Arts in front of Enos Pizza, because this restaurant is significant in their relationship, and we basically lucked out, because it turned out they were closed this evening. We got full reign on their outdoor tables without the crowd! #score! 

After Jacy totally rocked her stunning red dress (hello real life insta emoji), we finished the remainder of their session near Trinity Groves with the Dallas skyline as their backdrop. I mean, this is pretty stellar if you ask me. ;-)

If you don't know Jacy, you're maybe missing out, because not only is she one of the sweet and talented planners from Refined Romance, but she's an absolute sweetheart in every-which way. (and everyone, including her fiance, is nodding their head in agreement). Taylor knows he scored big time putting a ring on Jacy's finger, and I think it's pretty safe to say that the feelings are reciprocated ;-)

I can't wait for their February wedding! 

Prairie Creek Park Engagement Session | Alex & Emili

Oo oo ooo!!! 

Looking through Alex and Emili's engagement photos makes me SO excited for their wedding this October! Partly because they're so stinking cute and partly because I've gotten to know them so well as they wedding plan, and I know that they're going to have so many FUN details that make their wedding day beyond special! I think we all can't wait to see how it unfolds!!! Eeep! 

As you can clearly tell, Alex and Emili's love is so sweet, so natural, so precious. I love how Emili shares that their love started to blossom over cheese and pasta, because if you know these two, you know that they love to cook together, they love to host and they know no strangers. They're just so fun and loving, and I love when couples have a hobby, like cooking, that they can bond over. I'm over here like, wait...can you teach me!? ;-) 

This girl is the creative right brain to Alex's left brain, and I personally don't think they could be anymore perfect for one another. I mean, how beautiful are they together?! Emili seriously has the best smile, and I just wish you could hear her excitement for all things Alex and all things wedding planning! 

Emili and Alex, let's get you two married....soon!! :)

Arbor Hills Engagement Session | Angela & Wesley

Cue the confetti! This beautiful pair is getting married THIS Saturday! 

And y'all, as you can tell, they can't take a bad picture!! As I was blogging their session, I was just thinking...I love ALL of these!! Angela is just incredibly beautiful as she is sweet, and her laughing smile, soft smile and every smile in between is just stunning. Wesley has sure found himself a gem in her, and I do believe he knows it! 

They have been such a fun couple to get to know and photograph, and I have to believe that Saturday is going to be that and more: so much fun, so much love and so much joy. 

Angela and Wesley, I can't wait to celebrate with you!! 

Arbor Hills Engagement Session | Blair & Kevin

Let's just get it out there now: Blair's soft blue dress and choice of style--STUNNING. 

Can she dress me!? She just carries herself in this confident, sweet way that 1) made it easy for me to photograph her and 2) is just so obviously LOVELY. Both of her outfit choices had me with the biggest heart eyes, and then as soon as I got to know this good-looking couple, I just fell in love with them! 

If you know them, you are shaking your head with me right now--they're too kind; too cute and just too much fun. This was the perfect combination for an engagement shoot, and while Arbor Hills hadn't quite made the full turn for spring just yet, Blair and Kevin were probably the only couple that could make it look like spring had already sprung! Isn't Blair just the prettiest?! Kevin made her laugh in the sweetest ways, and I feel like those are my most favorite capture of the session! 

After getting to know these two better, it makes me even more excited for their wedding next September! It's going to be the most lovely day, and I feel honored to get to have my camera in hand while experiencing it! 

White Rock Lake Fall Engagement Session | Craig & Sarah

You guys! I need some major grace and owe an apology to Sarah and Craig! Their engagement session slipped between my blogging fingers this past fall (maybe because it was a craaaay-z time for me), and there's no way I can let it stay that way! Especially because it's their WEDDING WEEK, and THEIR SESSION IS STUNNING!

Because guys, CLEARLY. I'm pretty sure my heart did a happy dance when I fell upon this location at its peak prettiness, and Sarah and Craig made it THAT much better. How precious are they?! 

The gorgeous fall colors created with sunlsetting setting behind them created such a beautiful backdrop for their love, and to finish on the docks of the lake was just the cherry on top. What a sweet, fun couple to work with--even after we had to reschedule their engagement session twice (silly rain and sick babes). But it turned out that this timing was better than any, as we had the PERFECT weather, PERFECT light and PERFECT fall colors--I'm so thrilled it turned out this way for them! I remember leaving their session with so much energy and excitement.  

So...I figured it was fitting to blog their session on their wedding week, because next week, I'll be sharing her bridals and wedding blog! <3

Dallas Arboretum and White Rock Lake Engagement Session | Alex & Julie

Well, goodness. 

Where to even start?! Except for--THIS COUPLE might one of the sweetest. One of the most beautiful. And one of the most fun couples to know and photograph! 

This bride Julie is the sister of another (equally SWEET and beautiful) bride Courtney who I just photographed, and I'm over here like, "how did I get so lucky to know them both!?"! 

But truly. It was only fitting that the sun would shine and the colors would pop for their session--if you know Julie and Alex, you understand what I mean. This totally defines them and the joy they possess! 

Literally--all aspects of their session couldn't have been more perfect. The weather was ideal. The rainy weather parted and left us with sunny skies on this Sunday, and the color was FOUND, y'all! We started their session at the Dallas Arboretum, and I'd say it was an early preview of the beautiful Crepe Myrtles and Dallas blooms. After walking our way through some of the most lovely parts of the Arboretum, we found ourselves on the same lake--just the other side of it. 

Similarly, White Rock Lake provided us with amazing light, breathtaking views and lovely weather. I think we can all agree that the location wouldn't have actually mattered with this couple--they're so beautiful and so in LOVE. BUT, my goodness, with everything aligned, it made for one of my most favorite engagement sessions ever! I left so giddy and so happy for Julie and Alex. 

They truly embraced the meaning of the session, loved on one another and were just so joyful that it made my easy. So ideal! 

So now I'm over here like, "okay, September, hurry!!" :-)

Downtown McKinney Engagement Session | Katie & James

Oh it's amazing how people cross paths. 

I mean this by how Katie and James met and how Katie and I met! 

I actually met Katie years ago in high school on a mission trip we both went on one summer. She, her mom and sister were their with their Texas church and me from my New Mexico church. At the time, I had no idea that I would ever live in Dallas or as close to her as I do. That fun thing called Facebook allowed us to follow each other ever since then, and when James proposed to Katie, she had an idea as to who she wanted to call--a connection from years ago on a mission trip! Small world, right?!

Well, the better "meet-cute" (you've seen The Holiday, right? ;-) ) was how James and Katie met! They actually were and still are teachers together in Sherman, and they couldn't quite help but notice one another at the school they spent much time at. Katie may or may not have been the one to introduce herself first, and I'm pretty sure it was clear that James was very happy about this. And when I say "clear", I mean, it didn't take but a few months for their initial introduction to turn into something much deeper--something that looks like a beautiful engagement! 

When I talked to Katie over Skype and learned more about their love story, I just knew they were a special couple to work with. The way she literally glowed over Skype (no, it wasn't just my screen settings!) and had the sweetest words to use when talking about him, showed me how sweet their relationship is. They are absolutely head over heels for one another. 

And during their session, I saw just that. I photographed just that! 

They were the best during a rather chilly session, and they made it extra fun for me! I can hardly wait for their wedding this May!! Katie is a bride who's as beautiful on the inside as she is outside, and I know that James had to see this from the moment she introduced herself to him!

Downtown Dallas Rooftop Engagement Session | Josh & Kelsey


I don't think I can even count on 1 hand the number of people who commented on stunning this bride was after I posted a sneak peek to Instagram. People who I saw the following week even commented on this rooftop engagement session and how stunning this couple was together!

And, welp. I'm with them all. 

HOW STUNNING! We may have had one of the warmer days of the fall season for their session, but my goodness, it didn't hold them back one bit! Everything from their outfits, the sweet, easy conversation with them and the carefully planned locations--was so ideal. Kelsey had a beautiful vision for her engagement session, and I gladly took over from there! 

I first met Kelsey when she worked with Jordan as an ICU nurse at Methodist, and the first thing I remember about her was how kind she was. We quickly began chatting about Waco, Magnolia and this super cute store she recommended to me, Junque in the Trunk (definitely super cute)! Her warm, kind, welcoming personality would make anybody want to be her friend, and I can't help but think this had to be one of her many good qualities that Josh noticed first! Plus, let's be obvious--she's gorgeous! 

These two met while Josh was a Resident and Kelsey was a nurse, so this medical duo is sure to be a sweet team together for life--they were truly so much fun to have in front of my camera. I can't wait for next October!! 

Highland Park United Methodist Church Engagement Session | Kirby & Taryn

Oh Kirby and Taryn! I could photograph these two every day! 

And I am just obsessed with their engagement session! I love that they had a particular vision for their engagement session, and through several email exchanges and ideas, we came up with the perfectly fitting location for them! Seeing their excitement about it AND their obvious, obvious love for one another made such a rich time for me! 

Oh, it's just the sweetest gift to have clients like these who evidently cherish one another. They took advantage of their attire (how STUNNING is Taryn!?!?) and celebrated an early birthday for Taryn after their session at a nice steak house, and I just loved this. Never stop dating and celebrating, you two! It only gets sweeter and more important the longer you're together, and I have no doubt these two will continue to grow in their love with one another. 

I loved visiting with them, getting to know them better and having the sweet treat of a beautiful couple in love in front of my camera! Oh, I cannot WAIT for June 2! We'll share the same anniversary weekend forever, which I love! 

Enjoy this sweet pair as you scroll and see how evident their love is for one another and how STUNNING they make this chapel look! All the heart eyes! So romantic! 

White Rock Lake Fall Engagement Session | Kody & Lindsey

I feel so lucky to have Kody and Lindsey in front of my camera! And lucky for them, we hit White Rock Lake right at its prime time for fall colors and experienced lovely weather! Besides those dang mosquitos, but I had almost forgotten about them until I brought this up...anyway! :) 

I met Lindsey a few months back while she an anniversary session I had to help her brother and his wife with their cute pup. I had no idea she was in a serious relationship with Kody, so when she reached out to inquire, I was SO thrilled for her! I just loved her sweet personality during her brother and sister-in-law's session! And obviously, I think it goes without being said, she is absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful inside and out! 

She and Kody made such beautiful subjects and were so fun to visit with throughout their session. Lindsey's joy is so radiant from her smile and overall appearance when Kody is near. I drove home absolutely giddy after their session, because everything about it was my favorite! They can't take a mediocre picture--everything is simply stunning! It makes me so excited for their wedding day! 

Arbor Hills Engagement Session | Jon & Mycah

After Mycah and Jon's engagement session, I think I decided I want Mycah to come style my wardrobe. Because, clearly--SO lovely!! I loved their vision for their engagement session, and I think most importantly, it's clear how sweetly in love they are.

Mycah, when will my hair look like yours too!? She's seriously the prettiest! I have a feeling Jon was attracted to not only her outer beauty but also her inner. She's so kind! 

But obviously it wasn't just their outfits that were lovely--I think it's hard to find one thing about this session that's not ideal. Mycah and Jon were so sweet together. Everything from their outfits to the beautiful fall weather and sweet interactions were totally ideal. And some icing on top was that there precious pup made a few pictures, as well! 

Arbor Hills couldn't have been more lovely for Mycah and Jon, and I'm so pleased about that! I can't wait for their wedding in March! 

College Station Northgate Engagement Session | Chance & Sydney

It's not all the time I'm able to photograph friends of mine from high school, but when I do, we both have smiles as big as they go! 

It was so much fun getting to reconnect with Sydney and Chance back from our small town high school days. I loved getting to hear how life in College Station is treating them, but I mostly loved getting to see my friend just so, so happy! I don't imagine that it was my doing that made their smiles as big and joyful as you'll see throughout their engagement session. ;-) Because if there's one thing I remember from high school, it's that Chance definitely makes Sydney happy. I could always tell this, so when Sydney emailed me about wedding photography, I was just so dang excited for them both.

I think they're so perfect for one another, and I can't wait to photograph their wedding in College Station this summer! 

We started their engagement session at Northgate where they've made many memories and eaten many good meals, and we ended at a nearby park that allowed us some beautiful golden lighting and trees that make my heart pitter patter. 

My goodness, if you can't tell, I had such a blast with them! Sydney is somehow prettier than ever, and seeing her so joyfully in love surely only added to that! :)

Guanella Pass Fall Engagement Session | Matthew & Alicia

A dream of mine has always been to travel somewhere in the US that actually has the change of seasons, and photographing this engagement session near Denver at the end of September made that dream come true tenfold. 

Like, with a million cherries on top. 

Getting to travel to Colorado and literally experience my first snow of the year (and obvs freezing temps), fall-colored leaves AND photograph the sweetest couple?! DREAM MADE! 

It was a blast! 

Matt and Alicia were the sweetest ever, and I'm pretty confident they made cold temps look GOOD. I mean, Matt had all the reasons to cuddle her up real tight and love on her, which made for some lovely images and a really fun time with them! 

We traveled outside of Denver up to the mountains to Guanella Pass, which did not disappoint. We were literally above the tree-line for half of their session, which was kind of mind-blowing. How epic of an engagement session for these two!? Plus, we managed to incorporate the beautiful fall foliage and a waterfall we found driving up the mountain! Epppiiiiccc. 

So happy that these two have quite a memorable engagement session to look back on! I have a feeling that their Colorado wedding in June will be something very similar, and I can't wait!!