Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens | Alex & Britni

So in love. So joyful. So fun and full of life.

I’ve not only been following Britni’s love life with Alex on social media, but I’ve been following and looking up to her for years now. We grew up together in the same church in Artesia, and she was the sweet, pretty, athletic girl whose name was painted on a brick in the youth room at our church years before my name would be. Just as she was then, she’s as sweet and genuine as you’d want to work with, marry and have as a daughter, sister or daughter-in-law.

There are many people who are lucky to know and love Britni! However, I got the quick feeling that Alex was just the same. I mean, I trust Britni’s taste without even meeting Alex, so I knew he’d be a keeper!

And he was! I had so much fun strolling through the incredibly lovely Arboretum with them as I documented their joy and fun relationship.

I say “fun”, because, like I said, I’ve been following their relationship on Instagram (so legit, right?), and I just love how they do life together. It seems like they’re always trying new coffee shops, new restaurants, seeing new things or going and just doing life and new things together.

Keep doing this, you two, because it will help keep your relationship strong.

I love that for them!

So of course, it would only be fitting for Alex to get down on one knee at a coffee shop with custom coffee beans brewed just for the two of them. Seriously. So thoughtful! So incredibly special!

I’m beyond grateful Britni found such a genuine, thoughtful man with a heart who matches her own. Aren’t they great, y’all!

I’m so excited for their wedding this July back home!! Hugs to you both!!