Arbor Hills Promo Shoot Session | Nate & Grace of Grace Anne Photography

Okay, you know you’re lucky when you have two attractive photographers who love each other on the other side of your camera! Because.


They are quite beautiful in front of the camera! Yet they are so talented behind it, as well! Grace of Grace Anne Photography contacted me a few weeks ago inquiring pictures of herself and Nate, her husband, for their rebranding process they’re going through. Firstly, I was flattered, because that was so fun for them to ask me. And secondly, I was nervous, because that's how it goes when you have another photographer in front of your camera!

They quickly made it so easy on me, not only with how sweet and personable they were, but with how relaxed and gorgeous they felt and looked together! I mean….start scrolling, and you’ll understand!

Goodness, Grace is just gorgeous, and Nate holds her in his arms so confidently and sweetly. I threw my posing out the door most of the time, because they didn’t need me! ;-)

I’m so thankful to have met this talented husband and wife duo based out of Granbury, because I can see a friendship budding and a frien-tog-ship budding too. Because we photogs understand and stick together!

I cant wait to see their rebranding completed, and I’m excited to continue following their wedding photography work and ventures!

Hugs to you, Grace and Nate! Thank you so much for making the drive and asking me!