Dallas Skyline Engagement Session | Cody & Cameron

When you get so lucky that you just so happen to have a Dallas fashion blogger in front of your camera. 

But not only that.

She's gorgeous.

She's in love. 

And she's just as sweet as can be. 

Now I don't know if you're following me, but this was recipe for a beautiful engagement session. 

Cameron had a vision for her engagement session, and I quickly picked up on that same vision when she arrived with her bright red, swanky dress and her bright (to-die-for) bouquet. She had texted me a screen shot from a session I'd done in Deep Ellum last fall and thought that would be the perfect spot for her vision. I personally think it couldn't have worked out better, and I give her kudos for her vision! My little photographer heart had died and gone to heaven. 

A clean, bright background of the Dallas skyline with the pop of red in front to just draw your attention to not only how striking Cody and Cameron are but how sweetly in love they are. 

I still just get all warm inside knowing that Cody is such a huge hand in Cameron's blogging business. He takes the pictures for her blog (which, high-five Cody!), and she uses them beautifully on her website here. Seriously, go peruse her blogs if you haven't already! I love them! 

The way he supports her and loves her reminds me so much of how Jordan was and is with our business, and I think it's just the sweetest thing. I'm so happy for her that she's found such a supporter in him. I just couldn't get enough of how fun they were to photograph and be around. 

Sweet, sweet people. Cameron's smile just radiates around Cody, and I don't think it's just because of that perty red lipstick she rocks incredibly. They are so in love. And I'm so thankful to get to document this fun journey for them.

Cameron, I'm so pumped you've found such a good man in Cody; and Cody, you're so lucky to have found such a beautiful fiance, inside and out! Hugs to you both!