White Rock Engagement Session | Tessa & Wood

When you have a two month break from your last engagement session, you over-shoot, over-post and have way too much giddiness during your first engagement session back, post maternity leave!

And let me tell ya, coming back after a break, feeling refreshed and anxious to get back at it—having Tessa and Wood as my first couple in front of my camera just had my mind spinning. Look how precious they are together! They make such a gorgeous pair! But what I loved the most was how PERFECT they fit together.

Tessa was meant to fit in Wood’s arms in every which position, and I squealed with excitement every time he’d pull her in tighter.  And every time Tessa quietly said, “awww” when I prompted him to pull her closer or when he made her laugh sweetly, I died a little inside.

Again, they were the best couple to start out the 2017 year with, because they’re so beautiful and so in love.


I first met Tessa at the Milestone when I was shooting a wedding there this past October, and she was helping coordinate it. We both understand and “get” this wedding world, so when she inquired, I was so excited to potentially work with such a sweet, lovely gal like her! She and Wood tie the knot this May, and it’s going to be a beautiful day—I know!

Tessa’s blue eyes, beautiful smile and sweet giggle are the epitome of beautiful, and I can’t help but think that Wood saw that from day 1. I’m giddy inside for these two and so thankful they were patient and flexible with my maternity leave. They allowed this mama to be mama, rest and get after it again with so much passion, excitement (maybe too much—sorry guys!) and energy!

Plus, they make winter look GOOD. No?!

Hugs to them both! Can’t wait for May!