Gleneagles Country Club + Christ United Methodist Church Bridals | Blair

Oh, Blair.

I don’t know how I accidentally or impulsively didn’t share these bridals in the few months that I had to keep them secret! I was literally jumping up and down with the most excitement when we hit golden hour so perfectly at Gleneagles Country Club.

The session started with overcast skies which I LOVE for photography due to the even-lighting, but when the sun came out to play in the perfect location on the golf course with bright florals all around, I just about lost it. I’m sure Blair remembers.

And do know that it wasn’t only the combination of beautiful sun-kissed light and gorgeous locations—BLAIR. Blair. That’s all I need to say. Blair couldn’t possibly have made a more beautiful bride with her classic hair-style, lovely & fun blush tulle, stunning bouquet and gorgeous smile. I mean, every little detail aligned so perfectly for the most lovey bridal session for Blair.

And it was so sweet having her mom present with us too! Like I said, I literally had to keep these bridals in my vault for months (to avoid the summer heat), and I am SO ecstatic to share. While it may have been months ago, I absolutely remember how excited I was about the session and how much fun I had getting to know Blair soft and sweet personality better.

She married the man of her dreams this past Saturday, and I’m locked and loaded with their wedding blog to share with you shortly! Until then, let’s admire this bride’s inner and outer beauty!

Glen Eyrie Castle Bridal Session | Alicia

Alicia, we'll see if I find the words to describe how sweet it was to work with you and how beautiful of a bride you made. 

Ah lawdy. 

As if the Colorado and Glen Eyrie Castle background weren't enough to make me giddy inside,

-your beautiful blush Hayley Paige dress 

-your lovely lush bouquet

-your stunning hair piece

-your sequined Kate Spade shoes

-and your SWEET SELF

just send me over the edge! 

Ah Alicia! What a dream it was to spend over a couple hours exploring the beautiful property of the Glen Eyrie Castle and photograph your bridals! It was almost as epic as your wedding day!! 

I'm so excited that I get to share your bridals with everyone now that you're a Mrs.!! 

White Rock Lake Bridal Session | Katie

This may have been my first bridal session at White Rock Lake, but it certainly won’t be my last! Katie made me fall in love with this location in a new lens!

The light throughout was lovely, but as it neared the horizon, it gave us the most beautiful golden hues that kissed Katie perfectly!

Not to mention, can we JUST with Katie’s dress?! The detail around the waist was so elegant and simple. And she was a bride who smiled so confidently in front of the camera like, “I am a proud bride”.  She smiled as if she knew she’d made the best decision. And by the way she has talked about James from the time we discussed her wedding plans over the phone until today, she is so proud of him and enamored by him.

I’d say that’s a recipe for a beautiful bridal session: a confident, beautiful bride, a lovely dress and a sun-kissed location—yes please!

Katie, your bridals were a sweet preview of a beautiful wedding, and I can’t wait to share your special day with everyone on the blog tomorrow! You’re lovely!

Communion Cooperative Styled Shoot

Mmmm mm! 

This styled shoot just totally woke up my creative muscles. I love photographing different--something other than the norm. And I think the fact that I was able to do THAT, while photographing one of my most favorite past brides Kaylee AND at a venue that kind of has my heart lately--it just made it such a wonderful experience for me.

Communion Cooperative is a coffee shop and coworking space by morning and a bar/restaurant by night. Their vanilla latte is, in my opinion, the best, and they have some incredible cocktails, family style dinners and the BEST brunch. Yes, I basically buy all the lattes and do a lot of my photography work from the coffee shop side, and it's seriously been such a fun/helpful thing for me to work from in my own city! They basically have it all and their coworking space turns into a beautiful industrial venue by the nighttime or weekend, and you can visualize how incredible the space can be transformed by viewing this styled shoot! 

Lawson Rentals totally brought it with their exquisite details, and Lizzie Bee's Florals, as always, wowed the space with their florals. This vendor team totally transformed the space and made this shoot so much fun and lovely to photograph! 

I hope some future brides can visualize one of their most special days in a space as lovely and modern as this! 

Mckinney Cotton Mill Bridals | Haley

Haley! Oh Haley. 

Everything about her and her wedding was so easy to love and want more of. With a personality to draw anyone in, I felt so lucky to be her wedding photographer and get to know her better during her engagement and bridal session and wedding day. 

With a fun personality and a beautiful smile to match, I had the best time having her in front of my camera. Not to mention--all of her colorful ideas and details! I just LOVE color, and I think her vision for a colorful bouquet was fitting, because it absolutely matched her personality--so fun, bright and attractive. 

This sweet bride is now a Mrs., and her wedding day was everything and more! Yes, she is the bride with the donut wall AND beer pony! I hope you didn't miss those fun details! ;-) You can enjoy those HERE. 

Haley, it was truly such an enjoyment to get to know your sweet self! Your bridal session tugged at my heart, because The McKinney Cotton Mill sure didn't disappoint with photo opps! ;-) 

Hug, beautiful girl! 

Arlington Hall Spring Bridal Session | Sarah

Wowza. Can we just be thankful that we have these bridal portraits to fully take in the details of Sarah's wedding dress?!

Ah! It's quite the stunner from all angles--the incredibly-detailed lace back, the sides, the front--perfection! 

And this beautiful bride became a WIFEY this past Saturday! While I can't wait to share more from her and Craig's wedding day, I am so excited that I get to enjoy these bridal portraits with you all now! 

First thing is first: I have come to just adore this bride. She's just so sweet, so kind and so stunning. Through our client meeting, engagement & bridal session and now wedding--it's easy to say that I'm going to miss this gal! :) 

And yes, I feel super lucky that this is the case!! 

While I was taking husband and wife portraits of Sarah and Craig, she asked Craig if he expected her dress to look anything like hers did. His response: "actually, yes! This is Sarah!"

Two things I love about this: 1) Sarah's wedding dress was totally HER, and 2) her husband knew HER well enough to know her style and love. However, I'm willing to bet he couldn't imagine how stunning she'd look in it until he saw her walking down the aisle! 

Jaw-dropping! Sarah, you're a beautiful bride and a sweet friend! So happy for you and Craig, and I cannot wait to share more from your equally-beautiful wedding day! 

Dallas Arboretum Spring Bridal Session | Mycah

Mycah, you are stunning, my dear. 

And what's so neat is getting to know more about your inner beauty after photographing your wedding this past Saturday. 

Many have heard me rave about your bridal session and how I COULDN'T WAIT TO SHARE IT (here it is!!!!!!), but what makes me more even more excited to share it now is knowing better who you are. 

You are a creative, bright, beautiful, fun and caring bride, friend, daughter and now WIFE! 

I learned that you are loved by so many--your friends absolutely adore you, your sisters are so grateful for you and your husband is completely enamored by you. It was so fun getting to know you throughout this wedding planning journey and honestly, quite an honor! 

I think you have my whole instagram feed obessed with your stunning bridal gown--the sleeves, the sides, the back, the front--I mean, I can't decide which part of it is my favorite! I think nobody else can either! ;-) 

You are beautiful inside and out, and I can hardly wait to share your best day ever on the blog later this week! All the love! 

White Sparrow Barn Bridals | Hannah

I love that I get to hold a megaphone (aka type on my blog) and brag on all of my brides and their beautiful qualities. 


I just love it. 

So Hannah here. 

This girl married her best friend, her partner in movie-watching, bike-riding and life-laughing, on Saturday, and it was just the most glorious, lovely occasion. 

And this means today, I get to share the bridal portraits we took of her before her wedding day and point out how incredibly beautiful she is not only on the outside (obviously!) but on the inside. From the day I met her at La Madeline and learned all about Christopher and her love story and the beautiful wedding at The White Sparrow they were planning on, I just felt like I'd known her for years. She has this very confidence about her that speaks the most positive and comforting volumes. Her personality is so vibrant and loving that she knows no stranger, I have to believe!

She loves the Lord, and it's apparent. I remember her describing how Christopher proposed to her in Colorado and how God's beauty in the nature all around them was just breathtaking, as he got down on one knee. And yes. I could completely relate. What a glorious moment to remember. I love that this is how Hannah sees the world: through a confident lens in whom she knows Jesus Christ to be which translate to her confident, fun love in Christopher. 

I can't wait to share their wedding day with you, because, oh boy, it was just beautiful! 

But until then, I hope you smile as you take in this sweet soul's inner beauty as well as that gorgeous dress, beautiful long veil and stunning heirloom pieces.

Hannah, you are so gorgeous dear! I know Christopher and everyone else couldn't stop thinking this all day on your wedding day! 

Milestone Mansion Bridals | Kaylee



Her bridal portraits from her wedding day deserved an exclusive blog,'ll clearly see WHY! ;-)

I've never actually done this before, and I contemplated whether or not I should just include them in their wedding blog (sharing TOMORROW!!), but you obviously see what I decided!! 

All the heart eyes! 

I decided her bridal portraits we took on her wedding day should have their own blog, because 1) I'm absolutely in love with them and 2) I'm absolutely in love with this bride! She is totally an ideal #lindsaydavenportbride, and I seriously just become so giddy and filled with joy inside when I think back to her and Michael's wedding day. 

It was a dream! But before I gush about that on the blog tomorrow, I want you to understand the gift of joy that this here beautiful bride possesses. I literally teared up during their ceremony on Saturday when the officiant explained that the joy within Kaylee is a gift from the Lord. 

Because yes. I know everyone who heard this truth believed it. Everyone who knows Kaylee understood exactly what he was saying, because her joy is so peaceful and contagious to be around. This is one of the very reasons I just adored working with her, as I'm sure all of her vendors did!

It makes me so dang happy for Michael that he could find such a joyful soul in his wife. But my goodness, as you begin to scroll, you'll see that she's the total package, inside and out! Kaylee is absolutely stunning, and her off-the-shoulder lace wedding dress and beautiful bouquet with touches of blue sure don't hurt! ;-) 

So while you can just feel the joy popping off these bridals images, get excited for even more on their wedding blog tomorrow! :)

Flippen Park Bridal Session | Lauren

Okay, this sweet bride. 

Warm, kind, natural beauty, easy-going, in love and intelligent (she's going to NP school y'all!)! 

These are a few of my favorite attributes of this lovely lady. I can remember meeting her for the first time at La Madeleine to hear her love story and share our wedding experience with her. I felt like I had known her forever with her immediate warmth and kind personality. Then when I saw how in love she and Ryan were during their engagement session, I was even more giddy that she was an LDP bride. They truly treated their engagement session as if they were on a date, and I think I was just along to document it! :)

And I have been just so impressed with how she's planned her wedding while being in the middle of advancing her nursing degree to be a Nurse Practitioner. She even finished up her finals the week before her wedding, and I never sensed a hint of worry. Though, I know she's human, and I imagine it wasn't the most fun! ;-) My point is that I love this bride. I'm so impressed by her and so grateful I had the honor to get to know her better and photograph her engagement session, bridals and wedding! 

It was seriously all such a treat! Isn't she so gorgeous!? She's such a natural in front of the camera, and I am still so obsessed with her off-the-shoulder lace wedding own! Ryan knows how lucky of a guy he is!

The Crescent Court Hotel Bridals | Emily

Can we get any more classic, elegant or kind as Emily!?


It was truly such a joy to work with a bride not only as stunning as Emily but as sweet and kind as she and her family were. She married the love of her life this past Saturday, and I'm thrilled to be able to share her bridal session that I immediately fell in love with! 

Seeing the emotions and love between Emily and Ryan on their wedding day just made me fall in love with this couple all over again. 

Ryan's face definitely said what we're all thinking when we see Emily in her stunning lace wedding gown--absolutely beautiful! 

I can hardly wait to share their wedding blog with you shortly, but for now, enjoy the radiance and beauty of this sweet bride! 

Flippen Park Bridals | Vivian

Okay, I just love Vivian! 

She traveled to Dallas twice for photos--once for her engagement and a second time for her bridal session, and both times, it left me SO excited for her wedding which took place this weekend! It was beautiful; she was beautiful; and together, she and Drew made such a joyful Mr. and Mrs.! 

After email exchanges, phone calls, sessions and getting to know her and her friends/family lately, I just don't want our time to end, quite frankly! You hear that, girl!? ;-) 

She is so easy to photograph with how relaxed, joyful and photogenic she is--clearly she's such a beauty! And that wedding dress was just perfect for her--absolutely stunning! The bow on the back! The belt! AH! I would photograph her everyday if I could. And hang out with her. And her bridesmaids :) 

As excited as I was to photograph Vivian's bridals, it didn't compare to the excitement Drew must have felt when she walked up to him during their first look. And I LOVE this! These two are absolutely perfect for one another, and I can't wait to share more of their wedding day SOON! 

Vivian, you're so beautiful inside and out! 

SMU Perkins Chapel Bridal Session | Ashley

Can we just start out with what we're all thinking? 

Ashley makes such a lovely bride! 

Everything from her floral crown and lace train to her contagious, joyful smile--it's picture perfect. 

Ashley's dream wedding took place this past Saturday, which is why I am so GIDDY to share her bridal session with you! She celebrated alongside her hubby just alike any bride dreams of doing on her wedding day! It was a blast! 

So until I share the Gould wedding on the blog later this week, you can oo and awe over gorgeous her bridal session! Love this girl!! 

Arlington Hall Bridals | Jenna

So many adjectives, feelings, stories come to mind as I'm trying to begin typing this blog post about my new sister-in-law Jenna.

To say I'm excited she's a Davenport and that I'll continue to grow closer with her these next decades of our lives is such an understatement.

What a joy this sweet girl is to me and MANY! I think the number of friends and family celebrating with her this past Saturday, near and far, can say something about her character and friendship.

But goodness, I just adore her. And look up to her. And respect her ideas, thoughts, motives. And think she's the most beautiful, easygoing bride ever. 

It was an honor getting to stand next to her and celebrate alongside her on her wedding day as a bridesmaid. While Elisabeth Carol Photography and When It Clicks photographed and videoed their wedding, I had the pleasure of getting to photograph Jenna's bridals before the actual wedding day, and to me that was so, so sweet. This may be my most favorite bridal session to date, because of how simply stunning Jenna is and how incredibly excited I was that she was becoming my sister. 

Hayden couldn't have chosen a more beautiful soul, inside and out, to marry, and Jordan and I love them both. So much. 

If I had the confidence to talk at their rehearsal dinner I would've said something along the lines of how I won't ever be able to understand the love a brother or sister has toward their sibling and the emotions they feel on a wedding day, but I think I came close this past weekend. Being an only child, I watch siblings become emotional on wedding days and try to understand what that feeling might be like. I met Hayden when he was in high school about 8 years ago, and I truly feel like I was able to watch him "grow up", so to say. I got to watch him meet, pursue and fall in love with Jenna, and I couldn't be more proud of the two of them! Hayden has truly grown into a man that both Jordan and I admire and respect his work ethic and willingness to serve. These two are truly a dynamic Davenport duo ;-) #thedavenportduo 

And hey, now they get us as neighbors!!! ;-) 

But really, Jordan and I can't wait do do life with these two, and Luke is excited to have an auntie and uncle just down the road! 

Jenna, I love you sister and think (and know) you had the most beautiful wedding. EVER! 

Arlington Hall Bridal Session | Julie

Oh what gem of a bride Julie made! 

I think a precious little girl at Zach and Julie's wedding said it perfectly, "she's a princess!" 

Julie's wedding dress was one to remember. From it's incredible beaded top to the tiers of loveliness on the bottom that made up her skirt, it was truly a beautiful gown. I can easily say that it was so much fun to photograph, because there was so much to twirl, pick up, photograph and LOVE! 

I know it helped that the bride wearing it was just as beautiful as her dress though. I so enjoyed getting to know the heart of this sweet brides throughout these past few months. You guys, I really do feel honored and blessed to work with such genuine and sweet brides. Julie was just this, and I can't wait to watch her make her new house in Tulsa a home, plant roots in a new city with her hubby and passionately work as a new Physician's Assistant--thank you social media and text messages! :) 

She married a man who is clearly crazy about her, and their wedding day was a beautiful day they'll remember forever! You an enjoy that here, but for now, you can enjoy all of this lovely that made of Julie's bridal session! :) 

Arlington Hall Bridal Session | Becca

Quite simply: I loved working with Becca. I loved working with her mama, her sister, her family, her bridesmaids--everyone. Her people are sweet people, just like her! 

Quite simply: she is gorgeous. Her wedding dress is gorgeous. Her hair is gorgeous. Her smile is gorgeous

It was only obvious that her bridal session would be gorgeous! And she's just as sweet as she is beautiful, which is why I loved working with her! And, it's a plus that we are both speechies! I love that I have so many former and future brides who are speech language pathologists, because I can relate to them and know a little inside into their worlds (I used to be an SLP!). 

Becca and Kyle married at United Methodist Church Richardson this past weekend, and it was an emotional, joyful, beautiful night to document. My heart was full by the end of the night, and I can hardly wait to share those with you on the blog later this week! In the meantime, enjoy beautiful Becca!