Davenports First Home | Our Master Bathroom Renovation

Alright, you guys. As you can imagine, after our 6-7 month kitchen renovation, I was a happy camper. Like, I didn't need much else in life. I exaggerate. 

But really, I wasn't all that jazzed about starting our master bathroom renovation. To start, Jordan and I had a slight disagreement on what we were going to do. And for those of you who walked back to our bathroom to listen to us persuade you on who was right, you know it wasn't just a "slight" disagreement. ;-) 

Started From the Bottom...and Disagreed 

Our master bathroom was originally unfinished without floors and painted its original 1970s cream color. It had a simple bathtub and tiny shower in the middle of its U-shaped layout. Jordan's plan was to take out the bathtub and replace it with a bigger, nicer shower and create a decorative cabinet out of the tiny shower. Did you catch that? TOTALLY removing our bathtub!! 

Jordan makes fun of me, because while in my mind, I'm a bathtub soaker with all the lavender and candles....I actually never have time to do that. It just sounds so nice, and I always thought I would start...tomorrow! 

I obviously wasn't on board with the idea of removing our bathtub and rather, wanted a nicer bathtub and to try to extend our tiny shower in the already-small space it was in. 

Well, Jordan won, and I'm so glad he did. After over a year of renovating our fixer upper together, I've learned to trust him, because the guy honestly has really good design and contracting ideas. It's one of my favorite things when we start dreaming, planning and browsing Lowe's together as we envision what we're wanting. Even though we butted heads a bit on this one, I threw my towel in eventually and began envisioning this spa bathroom he had in mind. 

I think all in all, our master bathroom renovation took us about 2-3 months. It was important to me that we still take time to travel and be social, so poor Jordan had to give up some of his work days to see the world with me. ;-) Being honest though guys, it's really hard to balance life with a renovation. I feel like that could be a completely separate blog post, but it's true! With a baby on the way, it makes you really evaluate what you want to spend your time on whether it be friends, family, work, renovation, travels, etc. BUT, let's just say it was beneficial in that it stirred up some good discussion and fun memories, regardless. 

Let's see if I can list all that took place: 

1. To start, Jordan ripped out the old shower, tiles, and bathtub. 

2. Our bathtub area had three vertical windows, so Jordan took brick from the side of our house to REBRICK the outside of our house into a higher, horizontal window so that natural light could still come in, but it made more sense for a shower (more private). Like, who is this guy!? 

3. He installed the new window and made it...fit in all the ways it needed (not sure all the little things involved with this, but it was a job!)!

4. We had someone come lay the shower floor for us.

5. A plumber came to route the shower heads in the wall. 

6. Jordan took out the fur-lows and dry-walled and textured areas in the bathroom that needed it after renovation. 

7. He tiled the bathroom floors, shower floor and shower walls.

8. He installed our shower sprays, complete with 2 body sprays and wand. I had no idea how dreamy these extra features would be! 

9. We had a company install our shower door.

10. We bought 2 identical unfinished dressers to put in each of our walk-in closets.  

11. Jordan built custom shoe racks, shelves and clothes spaces in our closets, along with the dressers for storage. And can you say, STORAGE?! Imagine our first year living in our house without these two closets (because it was unfinished), so all of our clothes overflowed into other bedrooms or the trunk at the foot of our bed. :-/ This feature is NICE.

12. We hired someone to paint our bathroom, interior of closet, cabinets, lattice and new baseboards. 

11. Jordan installed shiplap and painted it.

12. He painted the doors in our bathroom, installed them and put doorknobs on them.

13. We had a company install our leathered granite on both sides as well as our sinks. 

14. Jordan installed the faucets, drains, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, electrical outlets, light switches and toilet paper/hand towel holders. 

15. He completely custom-made the cabinet that replaced our shower--drawers, glass doors and all. 

16. He installed our toilet so that we went from being a 1 bath home to a 2 bath again. 

17. He hung the mirrors to add the final finishing touches. 

18. And all the caulking, touch up paint, and little things that come along with these jobs that take time but are oftentimes unseen.

YouTube Video Tour (Videographers, do not judge) ;-) 

Feel free to click the middle of the image below to view our bathroom tour, and feel free to judge the number of "um"s I use....hehe sorry! 

His & Hers

So while we finally had our clean palette of grey walls, leathered granite and simple gray tile floors, we decided to add some "pop" by choosing colors. We were going for more of the "spa-like" feel, and the simple greys and whites do just that--especially in the shower area, because it's so relaxing. We bought Loft towels from Costco, and basically......WOW. Just wow. That combined with shower heads and body sprays make me want to shower more than a few times a week. I mean..just more often. :) 

So rather spontaneously, we were browsing World Market for some pops of color when I was immediately drawn to the soft lavenders, and Jordan went with some natural greens and reds. I wanted more feminine, pretty soft and lotion dispensers while he obviously wanted something more manly. So we went our separate ways, and I'm really happy with it. In fact, we're both pleased! ;-) I hope to find some delicate lavender prints or water colors to add some more pop to the walls, and if Home Goods or Hobby Lobby has something fitting for the middle and Jordan's side, we'll probably add those touches later! 

And Now We're HERE!

*For now, I want to cry, because for the first time, our clothes aren't spilling over into every open floor space or closet of our home. They have an organized place!

*We only have to walk a few feet to the bathroom again. This was rough these last couple months preggo!

*We have our own, personal sides.

*I have my relaxing, spa bathroom to unwind (even without a bathtub, yes!)!

*We have storage, storage, storage. Oh wait, did I already say that? 

I didn't think it was possible to love a bathroom so much.

Jordan, you're always right. You told me so. :-)

Enjoy some before (I failed at these again, so I pulled from the internet!) and afters! 

As far as our master bedroom, we've basically just painted and installed new hardwoods and baseboard. It's literally had stuff piled all around the perimeters since we moved in, so I'm rather happy to just have it cleared out as a clean slate for now! Any suggestions on how to decorate our bed with pillows and such would be greatly appreciated! ;-) 

Our 5-Month Kitchen Renovation: Complete! | Davenport's Fixer Upper

You guys. 

Like seriously, where do I even begin?! 

Firstly, I can't wait to have you over for dinner! Or better yet--brunch! Be careful, because there's a 99% chance, I'll make you quiche and coffee. I'm so creative and stuck in my ways. ;-) 

To catch some of you up in a couple sentences: Jordan and I purchased our fixer upper this past October, and we hit the ground running, updating...everything. No, really. Everything. This blog can help you there (our last blog--ah!). We moved in in December, sleeping on our mattress on the floor for weeks, and we began renovating our kitchen around early March (ish). Jordan works full time as a nurse, so basically, he's 3 days on as a nurse, and 4 days on as a kitchen-renovator. 

Over the past week, we've just finished dusting off kitchen appliances and putting them in their places as I nest into my kitchen and find what feels good where. 

Things I've Loved About This Renovation: 

1. Sitting on Pinterest, walking through Lowe's or standing in our kitchen talking through plans and ideas with Jordan. 

2. The feeling of completing a job--or Jordan completing it! 

3. Learning how I truly need very little to cook in a kitchen being renovated--talk about Crockpots in the living room, for example! 

4. Choosing what we want and how we want it. 

5. Learning that there are just some jobs you outsource and some jobs that you're completely capable of helping Jordan. 

6. Lastly, seeing my husband be a beast--so talented, so smart, so creative and so driven. 

Our Kitchen Renovation Video Tour! 

I'm going to share this video with you here, so it can give you the experience of feeling like you're over for quiche and coffee in my very kitchen! Pretend we're sitting at the bar, okay? Okay :) 

Wish you were here in person! 

Here are a few "before" (again, pulled from the internet!)

An Attempt at a List of What We Did: 

I'm going to attempt to list everything Jordan did, but keep in mind, I'll probably be missing 10736 things that I don't even understand happened during this renovation! 

1. Took up the existing tile and replaced it with brick tile. 

2. Built a peninsula extending off of one side of the galley kitchen. 

3. Demolished the cube extension that came down from the ceiling above the old cabinets.

4. Built upper cabinets on one side that extend to the ceiling.

5. Built wood shelves and installed them with pipe that we spray-painted black

6. Laid subway tile to the ceiling on both sides of the kitchen.

7. Made drawers that won't slam and made the cabinets so they don't slam. 

8. Installed recessed lighting.

9. Made the vent-hood out of walnut.

10. Installed a new dishwasher after weeks of NO dishwasher--we ate out a lot basically. We kept all other original appliances. 

11. Installed the double lights that hang above the peninsula and the single light above the sink.

12. Installed the farmhouse sink! LOVE. The only problem is that it can hold a lot of dishes... :) :(

13. Installed the new faucet. 

14. Installed a new kitchen window.

15. Installed bead board in a couple places around our cabinets & peninsula. 

You guys, there were so many other little things that I don't even know how to mention: grouting, baseboards, this & that. 

Little things that took us a span of nearly half a year to complete--wowowoww. And it wasn't just all bells and whistles... 

A List of What Failed/What We Outsourced...Oops!

1. Our cement kitchen countertops! It just...didn't happen. The inexpensive and DIY part of them sounded great, but they just didn't settle right. So Jordan tore them out; we outsourced and ended up with leathered granite, which we LOVE! It doesn't have a shiny hint to it, and it feels textured.

2. We hired painters to finish the cabinets, trim and walls, and it was the best investment we made after 5 months of waiting! We used Alabaster for the white, and we used Comfort Grey on the walls; it has a hint of green which I love. I had a little too much grey, that this grey was just perfect and calming. 

3. We bought our cabinet doors online, and it was a super easy, smooth process!

4. Our tape, bed and texture guy, Duey, came and helped us out after Jordan demolished the cube extensions (what are those called?!) that came down from the ceiling. He patched it up for us in the beginning! 

5. Shout out to Craig Davenport, Jordan's daddy, and Youtube, because without them.... we'd be less productive! 

All in all, it feels so good to have people over for meals, cook in it; heck, even making cereal is pretty fun when you only have the mood lighting going. It feels great knowing we're putting this sweat equity into our little home that we knew had such good bones. The inner Joanna Gaines told me so actually. ;-) 

Now we're finishing up the final touches on the eat-in kitchen, laundry room and wait for it.... starting on the 2 bathrooms! That's all we have left, so let's see if we can pump them out AND a nursery before December. Think we can? 

We'll see.... 

Because if there's one thing I've learned, it's that there are usually 5 other things to think about or do before you actually set forth to accomplish what you think you're going to that day. So. We'll see! Regardless, life feels more settled right now than it has since we moved here from New Mexico. So I'll take it! 

Now you, share you fixer upper inspirations with me! :)

Progress Not Perfection | Davenport Fixer Upper Updates

“Do you have the guts to take on a fixer upper?”

I’m watching Fixer Upper as I prep this post, and I just heard Joanna say this at the start of the episode.

I kind of giggled.

I’m 60% proud that we had the guts and 40% sure we’re crazy. 

Graycie watched all the craziness, but loves that she has 3 new rugs all to herself. Or so she thinks. 


All in a good way though! We truly had no idea exactly what taking on a “fixer upper” would look like. Or maybe I didn’t’.  Having just moved to a new state together, starting new fulltime jobs and still nurturing our own photography business, we took on this fixer upper. We squeezed in many late nights and long days to get us living in our home before Christmas. We broke ground in October and finally slept in it the beginning of December when all we had were couches, a mattress and coffee pot. The minimal, you know.

But it made all the rest of the jobs so much easier to tackle while living here. I mean, it’s totally and completely functional. And as of this past weekend, we have décor! It took us 2 months after we started living in it to finally have the time and motivation to move out of storage.

I’ve been hesitant to post before and after pictures, because of fear of imperfection. You know, I still want to do this and that, add another frame or two here and cute Joanna-style sign there.

But let’s be real.  This project is going to be on-going and we will never truly be done.

So here’s to an update on the progress, not perfection on our dining and living area of our fixer upper!!

Yes, I totally pulled the "before" images off the internet, because life was too crazy on "demo day"!

We painted and put up new baseboards in the dining area--not to mention, knocked down the wall that separated the dining area from the living!

This is a wider aspect of our living area with all of the wood paneling. It was very dark, which is one reason why we wanted to knock down the wall we did. We took off half of the wood paneling to create wainscoting on two of the walls. Jordan encased the beams with new wood, new fan, wood floors, baseboards, and pretty much...everything. Nope, haven't tackled the wet bar yet! Side note, that carpet--ick!

We white-washed our fireplace and painted the wood paneling above it, as well as the ceiling. Raise your hand if you hate painting ceilings... 

 We love that most of the furniture in our home is from both sides of our family--up to 3 generations ago! 

And lastly, this view which shows some of the imperfection: still lacking a french door to be painted and a reno to take place in the wet bar, but...priorities.

Looking back, I’m so thankful that we took this on. I learned several lessons along the way, which you can catch up on here. 

Now that we’re living in our home with our fingerprints everywhere, it’s so sweet, special and worth it.  

We’ve come so far from this point, and only had few minor frustrations. 

We were faced with many new obstacles throughout the process, but you know, let’s just allow a little grace in the cracks and apply the same theme in our own lives: “progress not perfection”. 

As long as we’re still growing, learning and making an effort in all the priority areas in our live, there is grace

What area in your life should you strive for progress and not perfection? 

It sure does take the pressure off when you phrase it that way, no? 

Thanks for following our journey and being excited for us!  It’s been the coolest encouragement to hear from so many of you near and far and how you’ve enjoyed the updates! Next up, we’re taking on the kitchen! 

It's the Journey; Not the Destination | Fixer Upper Updates

Well, where did I leave off with you guys?!

Oh, I believe it was on my list of things I’ve learned about taking on a fixer upper. And remember when I mentioned how I learned tasks take longer than you think...?

Well here we are! Smiling pretty big, but a few (several) weeks later, and we are….(cue confetti) LIVING IN OUR HOUSE! 

This dream fixer upper of ours is definitely a dream. Heck, our first two nights that we stayed in it, we literally only had our mattress and Keurig. And we borrowed a Keurig, because ours was (and still is) somewhere deep in storage! But you know what? It was so fun. So minimal. So adventurous. And we’ll always remember that.

Even though Jordan thought the idea was a little crazy. A little too rushed. But come Sunday when our loved ones helped us move the big items like our couches, refrigerator and washer dryer, he looked at me and said, “good idea”.  :-)

We’re finally starting to see this house we’ve been putting so much sweat and planning into as a home.

And the dreaming isn’t stopping here. 

We’ve still got to dream up the plans for our kitchen, bathrooms and probably plenty other smaller jobs. But for now. Our house is so functional. So loved. And so worth it! 

For those of you who are jumping on the wagon later, Jordan and I bought a fixer upper in October and, with the help of loved ones, tore down a wall, ripped up the carpets, painted the living room, dining room, entryway, kitchen, bedrooms, hallway and laundry room, and laid wood flooring. 

We’ll still need to finish just a little more of the wood flooring, trim jobs, base boards and little touch up paints here and there, but for the most part, the bigger jobs are tackled.

Below you can see some before, in between and after pictures. There will be more to come! I wasn't the best at taking pictures, because I barely had time to keep up with work photos! 

Viola! Not the earliest "before" picture, but you can see!! 

Our living room was a complete labor of love. We tore down half of the wood paneling and tape, bedded and textured the top half.  We painted, and researched this brilliant idea of white washing. I wasn’t terribly familiar with it, but once we YouTubed it, we were set. We white-washed our fireplace and replaced our sliding glass door with French doors. Jordan and his dad redid the wooden beams in the ceilings and did so much handy-work with crown molding and all the little jobs that go with finishing out the ceilings. Seriously, y’all. They worked so hard on this room, and it’s so special because of it. 

I can hardly wait to host loved ones in this very room, relax and watch Jimmy Fallon in this very room, open Christmas presents in this very room and make this very room a room of family-time and love.

I could be wrong, but I think the times of maximum frustration between Jordan and I will be fewer.  I think our marriage will be stronger. And I think we’ll cherish this home more than one than didn’t need a little tender love and care.

The picture above was taken by Lauren Guy Photography at the creek behind our home. We've already walked and jogged it a time or two to just completely fall in love with the area. It served as a nice getaway from the stress during the meatiest part of our reno. The days just didn't have enough time in them, but somehow after a short walk along this creek, it felt as though we had more time. I'm sure there are many problems to solve and talks/walks to be had along this creek! 

This has been an adventure, y’all. And like I said—we’re not finished now! We’re just functional! :-)

I opened a box with two decorative plates I had gotten for Christmas last year, and one read: “it’s about the journey not the destination”.

Yes. I do believe so! It’s been a sweet one, and we’re feeling it right about now!

We’ll be sure to share some finished products when we have them, but for now, you know…there are boxes everywhere!

15 Things I've Learned About Taking on a Fixer Upper

I've actually learned...a lot. Maybe I've got a little more Joanna in me than I thought.  But I truly have enjoyed having Jordan teach me each little job I do before he trusts me with it.  And then mastering it....so to speak.  It's neat getting to watch the progress and figure out how things are done. And wow. I am not one of those people that used to stop and figure out how something was made--that's totally my husband. But maybe he's rubbing off on me a little bit! :-) 

1.     Taking down a wall is relatively cheap. When you are relatives with someone who knows what they're doing!

2.     Carpet takes longer to pull up that you think. Oh boy, does it. 

3.     When you knock a wall down, you can pull up the electrical cords into the attic and drop them down another wall. Viola! Cut a square out, and there’s your new light switch! I had no idea that's how that was done. For all you contractors out there reading this (because I know there are probably tons), don't judge this blog post. 

4.     Painting is exhausting in small armies. But I've sure gotten good at it! 

5.     Finding the right shade of gray is nearly impossible.  They all seem to be in the blue family! Thank you Allison for suggesting Colonnade Gray! It's perfect! 

6. Speaking of paint samples. They're cheap...until you accumulate 10+ of them.

7.     When there’s a hole in the wall, sheet rock!

8.     When you accidentally push a hole in the wall when taking up base boards, sheet rock!

9.     Tape, bed and texturing is quite a job! Thank goodness, we had the coolest guy come help us with it. 

10.  My husband and I are very different. A couple of those ways: firstly, while I am a get-the-job done kind of person, Jordan tends to be more of a perfectionist when it comes to our fixer upper jobs.  Secondly, my kind of organized is painting every room so we can see progress.  His kind of organized is painting a room, putting up the baseboards, fixtures, details, etc. to finish out one room before we start the next. These two obviously are different. Oh you know marriage, we’re always learning! ;-)

11. Trips to Lowe’s are fun to dream and plan with Jordan.

12. I had no idea how much I would enjoy learning about what goes into building and demo-ing a home. It’s all kind of fascinating to me! I learned that about myself pretty quickly. Maybe because it's just my home...

13. I enjoy getting really tired, dirty and down to the nitty-gritty when it calls for it.  I’ve got some designated paint pants and shirts now!

14. There will be setbacks. Eh, I almost thought we'd get away without any, but we hit our first bump, and in the grand scheme of things, it's pretty minor! We were really excited to lock in our favorite hardwoods at a sale price one night. The next day when Jordan went to buy them, we found out they had already sold them. Good news is: we were able to purchase more at the same price. Bad news: we have to wait 3 weeks for it to come in. But eh...this leads met to my 15th lesson learned.. 

15. I’ve learned that patience is a virtue.  The house and its work will be there tomorrow. Spending time together while looking at the walls isn’t necessarily quality time.  We may be excited to move in…yesterday, but patience will win the game for us in this journey, and taking breaks to just be together--go see a movie or talk while actually looking at each other--in this busy life these days is going to make this journey more memorable. 

And there you have it. Just like anything, patience is key and seeing things in perspective is important. I'm pretty sure our outlook on fixing up out home is more positive after we take breaks to see a movie or go on a walk.  Because if we weren't careful, we'd spend every minute there trying to make progress.  And that in itself is something we learned quickly: the work will be there tomorrow. Patience. 

Davenport's First Home | Say What!?

Well by, golly we’re homeowners!

We found a neighborhood with a Chick-fil-a (for us), Whataburger (for Jordan) and Sonic (for me), and called it good! We got our taquito, spicy chicken sandy and vanilla coke zero addiction on speed dial now. Not really. But WOW talk about PERKS! Plus, there’s a Super Target, Lowe’s and Ross next to them—hello, fixer upper!

After about 3 months of living in Dallas with Jordan’s parent’s, our dream of buying a fixer upper came to fruition.   Our cousin Brett helped us find our dream fixer upper, and I’d say we got lucky with our timing.  I’d be lying if I said we weren’t discouraged after looking at about 8 houses that flat out busted our bubbles.  The houses were deceiving online, and the neighborhoods were not at our comfort levels.


We went on a walk one evening after looking at houses, expressed our frustrations, and came home that night to look through some more online.  Patience. We just need patience. That’s when we found this little diamond in the rough.

We looked at it on Google Maps; Jordan went the next morning to drive by; we walked through it that night and made an offer the next day. What!? It was all so fast that I couldn’t really comprehend it.  A few hours after we put our off in, we had a phone call saying it was ours

We continued to hold our breath until inspections, appraisals and all the details were finalized, and then….we took the keys and realized the deal was SEALED!   

We bought this baby knowing full well that we wanted to fix it up.  We saw a cute curb appeal and some solid bones of a home.  If you haven’t already known this about us, we absolutely love watching the show Fixer Upper together.  We love Chip and Joanna, their style, their work, their family lives and have been taking notes on just about every episode we’ve watched lately!

Breaking Ground, Davenport Style

And while we broke ground, so to say, last Friday, we have gotten a lot done.  I say that yet, I have learned one thing among the many in these past 9 days, and that is this: take the amount of time you think a job will take and triple it.  Because it’s going to take longer than you think! However, with that being said, I have truly enjoyed every second of this process.  This is like a new world to me that’s honestly super fun learning about.

If you know the Davenports, you know they are so talented and skilled with their hands.  Jordan’s dad Craig built the houses they’ve lived in, and having him help us has been an absolute blessing.  The Saturday after we closed, we literally demo-ed our home—knocked a wall down, tore up carpets, took up baseboards and tile, and put in air fresheners!

Phew! One thing is for sure, that carpet HAD TO GO.  Once that was ripped up and out the door, things began to smell a little fresher. Needless to say, the owners before had a few cats or 10 over the past 30 years….


Side note, I totally over use the word “demo” these days. :)

So here’s a quick re-cap of what we’ve tackled so far:

1.     We knocked down a wall. We decided to knock down the wall that separated the formal dining area from the living room, and when Jordan and his dad kicked down the wall, we were so pleased at what we saw: more light! It completely opened up the area and lit up our living room. You'll see the before/after of the dining room and living room in the following pictures below: 

2.     We tore up all the carpets. Like I said, that stuff had to go. And who knew carpet was nailed to the cement!? That was my least favorite job. Pulling it up, scraping up the glue and prying up the wooden slabs around the perimeter. Boo.

3.     We took up the tile in the entryway. We left the tile in kitchen and bathrooms for a later time, but we want hardwoods in our entryway and living area before we move in.

4.     We cut off half of the wood paneling in the living room.  At first we wanted to paint it, but then we had this idea. We plan to paint the bottom half white, put some molding above the paneling to separate that from the top half and then paint it. I love contrast in colors in rooms!

5.     We hired a tape, bed and texture man to do just this to our living room.  We decided that after the guys knocked down a wall, custom-fit a beam for support and sheet-rocked the area, that it would be quicker and easier if we hired a specialist to come in and tape, bed and texture.  And we’re so happy with what he’s done! Paint is next!

6.     I am proud to say that I’ve taken up all the baseboards. Our rooms are so bare now!

7.     We’ve painted the hallway and all the bedrooms aside from our master. The bathrooms, kitchen and living room will be next! Oh and the ceilings for them. Ugh. Who the heck likes painting the ceilings!?

8.     Jordan has fixed the shelves in the closests.  They’re a bit droopy!

9.     He made a major trip to the dump.  Seriously, our porch looked like a mountain! A Smelly mountain!

10. We took out the paneling that was above our mantel, and the guys sheet-rocked it.

11. We took out all the vents, light switches and outlets.  They were an old shade of yellow, so those things had to go!

12. We’ve been watering our garden.  Because if somebody already got me started with basil, rosemary, mint and a few other herbs, then I better take care of it!

All in all, this place has seen a pretty nice demo in the 9 days we’re had our hands on it.  We’ve made several trips to Lowe’s, and a trip or two to the Sonic and Chick-fil-a down the street.  Needless to say, we’re trying to get as nestled into this new neighborhood as we can without actually living here!

Thankfully, we’ve met a handful of the neighbors who have all been so sweet and welcoming.  I hope to show them a piece of our heart by greeting them formally with something baked and pumpkin though! ;-)

Next up: paint, paint, paint and some floors!  Our goal is to have the rooms painted and the floors laid before we move in. The rest of the cosmetic stuff can wait for when we actually wake up and make coffee in our kitchen.

Oh what a journey—I’ll be excited to look back on it. But more excited to move into it!!