Flippen Park Bridals | Vivian

Okay, I just love Vivian! 

She traveled to Dallas twice for photos--once for her engagement and a second time for her bridal session, and both times, it left me SO excited for her wedding which took place this weekend! It was beautiful; she was beautiful; and together, she and Drew made such a joyful Mr. and Mrs.! 

After email exchanges, phone calls, sessions and getting to know her and her friends/family lately, I just don't want our time to end, quite frankly! You hear that, girl!? ;-) 

She is so easy to photograph with how relaxed, joyful and photogenic she is--clearly she's such a beauty! And that wedding dress was just perfect for her--absolutely stunning! The bow on the back! The belt! AH! I would photograph her everyday if I could. And hang out with her. And her bridesmaids :) 

As excited as I was to photograph Vivian's bridals, it didn't compare to the excitement Drew must have felt when she walked up to him during their first look. And I LOVE this! These two are absolutely perfect for one another, and I can't wait to share more of their wedding day SOON! 

Vivian, you're so beautiful inside and out! 

Oklahoma Ranch Maternity Session | Sam & Meg

This couple you’re about to say, “wow, they’re lovely” about is a couple that Jordan and I love and look up to. They’re expecting their first little baby girl this October (so soon!!), and we, as well as so many others, are eagerly awaiting her arrival!

Her mama and I have been best friends since I can remember (way back when to the good ol’ softball days), and we were even in the same birth announcement when we were born! I’m two days older, with a birthdate of May 6th, and she’s May 8th. Frankly, ever person we meet when we’re together, we have to share this piece of information, just so that they know how close we are! ;-)

Meg, individually and together with Sam have been the truest of friends through some of my and our most devastating moments and through some of my and our most exciting moments. They’re as present, real, loving and fun as friends can be, and I can’t help but think that these qualities are also going to make them some of the best parents that are out there.

This little baby Donica is going to be so loved, so happy, so beautiful, and she can thank her parents for it all! I can’t wait for her to grow up and realize more and more how lucky she is.

Plus, Luke obviously can’t wait to grow up with a girly friend! ;-)

We took these pictures on their family’s land in Oklahoma, Lizzie Bee’s Florals added a sweet touch with the floral crown, and Pink Blush made Meg and her baby bump beautiful in the flowyhalter dress!

We love these people so much and can’t wait for them to experience the joy to come!

Arbor Hills Anniversary Session | Morgan & Trevor

Oh how I LOVE anniversary sessions!!! 

Once you begin scrolling, you'll see why! 

Trevor and Morgan were friends of several past clients of mine, and I hope to meet more of their circle, because they're the BEST! I've loved getting to know every one of them and have enjoyed having them in front of my camera so so much. 

Morgan had such a fun vision for her anniversary session, which made for some lovely photos! 

These two make a stunning pair, and I hope to meet more beautiful, fun-loving couples like them and their friends in the future! 

Plus, their PUP!! So precious!! 

Highland Park United Methodist Bridals | Lindsay

Oh how radiant! 

Lindsay's soft, sweet nature is one of the characteristics that makes her so beautiful. It was fun getting to dote on how outwardly beautiful she was during her bridals, as well. Highland Park United Methodist Church is an absolutely lovely location to shoot, and Lindsay made it that much more exquisite! 

We easily worked through some mild Texas heat and ended our session with smiles and excitement a we knew the next time she'd be wearing her wedding dress would be in front of Corey! And that happened this past weekend, and you guys, he melted in the sweetest, most loving way! I can't wait to share their wedding day with you, but for now, I can finally share these secret bridals that I've been hiding for a while! 

I love working with such genuine, lovely and sweet brides like Lindsay. Not to mention, I think her name is, you know, pretty awesome. ;-) 

Hugs go out to these two as I know they're enjoying their honeymoon right now!! Hang tight, and you can relive their wedding day on the blog NEXT!! 

Highland Park United Methodist Church Bridals | Caroline

Talk about not only looking beautiful but feeling beautiful--Caroline was most definitely BOTH! 

I could just feel Caroline's confidence, joy and radiance as she stood in front of my camera with her stunning lace gown, incredible bouquet and glowing smile. It was wonderful! I wish everyone could feel and experience the way Caroline looked and felt. 

It made my time with her during her bridals so sweet and fun. We were lucky enough to nail some cooler temperatures the day of her bridal session in August (answered prayers or what?!), and we were so pleased with that! It probably did add to her joy, right? ;-) 

But really, I feel that as soon as Caroline saw herself in her dress, one of the final pieces to the puzzle just fit together for her as it clicked that Brian would soon be her husband. After seeing the way they interacted on their wedding day, I know this to be true. 

The joy and confidence she was experiencing the day of her bridals was so true and real. The same vibe I got from both of them on their wedding day--which will grace the blog TOMORROW! The Jones are currently enjoying some cooler temperatures in Canada while I type this in some "lovely" Dallas heat. ;-) So happy for them! 

Hugs, Caroline! You are GORGEOUS!  

Cloudcroft Senior Session | CHS ' 17 Abigail

Oh my, how incredibly gorgeous is this Carlsbad High School senior!? SO!! 

She also happens to be my cousin who shares the same middle name as me. Pretty fun fact there, right? 

I'm feeling older and older, because I feel like I keep using the phrase, "I remember when you were born!", but truly, I remember when baby Abby was born! And she has blossomed into the sweetest most beautiful girl on the inside and out. Not to mention, she didn't just get the looks, she's a smart little cookie with a strong head on her shoulders. I'd say she's prepared for a memorable senior year and some even better times when college rolls around. 

But today, I thought this blog post would be perfect, because this beautiful, fun girl is not only just that in our eyes, but to many eyes! She's on the HOMECOMING COURT and is already making the best memories as you read! How totally fun for her! Hey, hey! That pretty girl there--she's my cousin! ;-) 

I had a blast driving up to Cloudcroft (the best place ever) with our moms, chatting along the way, stopping spontaneously in pretty spots to take pictures and finishing our girls' trip with lunch. We found the best yellow flower (obviously), and the day couldn't have felt more beautiful (temps in the 60s) or looked more beautiful (you see!!)! 

This pretty girl has an exciting future ahead of her, and I love her so! Enjoy! 

Arlington Hall Bridals | Courtney | Dallas, TX

Oh, the florals; oh the lovely; oh her smile. 

So many beautiful things that I can dote on to describe Courtney's bridal session! 

We took her photos at Arlington Hall, and that pop of bright pink and coral was just unstoppable. It complimented Courtney's bright, excited smile, and it set the theme for her wedding day. 

Such a beautiful wedding day for her and her husband John, whose passion and commitment to one another is just incredible. I'm as excited to share their wedding day with you as I am to share Courtney's bridals with you! 

For now, take in the incredible lace detail, the sweetness of her mother's veil, the pop of her beautiful bouquet, and the radiance of her gorgeous smile. 

Courtney, I just loved working with you! You are so beautiful! Hugs!

Turtle Creek Senior Session | Nicole | Dallas, TX

I feel pretty lucky to be a part of family member's exciting memories--Nicole's being just one of them!

This pretty girl just so happens to be my cousin who is a 2017 senior at Ursuline this year. Obviously that little fact alone made her session exciting for me, but adding her gorgeous smile and pretty pop of color in her wardrobe choice? Ah! What a recipe for fun for both of us! 

Heat? What heat?! ;-) 

I had so much fun seeing Nicole just blossom in front of m camera. Truly. She is so gorgeous inside and out. 

She's bright. She's beautiful, and she's becoming such a lovely young woman. 

I can't wait for her to make such fun memories during her senior year and on into college. These are just the best years ahead, and she's walking into them as beautiful as ever. 

When I think of this girl, I see her bright smile and hear her contagious laugh. She's such a sweet cousin, and I adored every second of my evening with her while she made Turtle Creek look it's absolute best! 

Love you girl! 

What do you think of when you think of Nicole? :)

Hair & Makeup by: The Beauty Group Dallas

Ellis | Newborn Session

I'm going to be completely honest. 

Newborn sessions scare me. Or at least they used to. 

I mean...I've had some gnarly experiences photographing newborns, but I feel like they could've been avoided. Firstly, I've learned there are two kinds of newborn photography: a lifestyle approach and a more posed approach. I am more comfortable with the lifestyle approach that you'll see with Ellis and per parents--where mom and dad are the ones holding and posing her. I mean, it makes sense, right?! The babies will be more comfortable and happy with mom and dad's touch! I was shocked when I left Ellis' session and realized 1. she never cried and 2. I never actually touched her. 

Not to say that me touching babies results in crying. Not at all! :) But the whole session just went so smoothly--which made me open my eyes to newborn photography a little wider. So another thing I've learned is to prepare mom and dad with tips beforehand to help keep the baby content. Tips like keeping the house warm, quiet and comfortable; making sure the baby is sleepy and even planning the newborn session when they're between 3 and 15 days old so that all of the above is much easier for everyone! 

All these tips truly prove to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. With that being said, I adore newborn sessions now. 

I adore them, because the moments captured are truly precious.

Because it's incredible to witness the love mom and dad have as they gaze into their baby's eyes or kiss their cheeks. 

Because I am able to put myself in their shoes now and get excited for our first week with our baby. 

It's just truly special! So with that being said, I hope you feel and enjoy Ellis newborn session. Her parents are madly in love with her and witnessing this was incredible to me! I'm 100% confident that they are the sweetest family ever. They made me feel so welcome in their home!

Turtle Creek Bridals | Lauren | Dallas, TX

Natural, natural, natural. 

Goodness, this bride is such a natural beauty! Natural in front of the camera, and just so naturally gorgeous with her long, beautiful hair and soft features. I feel like she just blossomed and truly felt beautiful in front of my camera. 

And of course, it wasn't hard for me to reassure her of that! 

The fun thing was she looked just as beautiful and more on her wedding day, because she had Matt next to her. It was seriously the neatest thing to witness their excitement and joy on their wedding day. And I can't wait to share that with all of you!

But for now, I'm excited to share her bridal portraits we took in Turtle Creek. 

Her lace dress, her gorgeous smile and beautiful locks! One for the books, y'all. 

Hugs Lauren!

Arlington Hall Bridals | Madison


Seriously, stunning! 

I have just thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and working with this beautiful bride for the past year now. I'm so excited to share Madison's bridal session with you, since she said, "yes", to Colby just a week ago today! 

Madison has been such a fun bride to work with--her sweet personality and her gorgeous smile just make my job as a photographer so pleasant and exciting! I mean, it's FUN photographing pretty things and people! And when I look at her big, genuine smile in the image below, I'm just so thankful I was able to photograph her engagements, bridals and wedding. 

We decided to take her bridals at Arlington Hall, which yet again, provided us with a variety of beautiful backgrounds to compliment Madison's stunning florals and bridal gown. Andy's Floral Events did a fabulous job with her bouquet (I'm still obsessed!), and The Makeup Zone some how made Madison even more beautiful than she already was! 

Enjoy Madison's bridal session, and hold your horses just a little bit longer to thoroughly enjoy her wedding at the Heritage Springs! 

Brittany | Wilson District Bridals

If I could shoot a wedding for a bride like Brittany every weekend.

I would. In a heartbeat. 

For those of you who know her and are reading this, you understand exactly what I mean.

For those of you who don’t know Brittany, let me explain:

From the time I sat down over coffee with her to hear her love story and plans for her wedding to the last picture I took of her on her wedding day this past weekend, she was nothing short of sweet, thankful and so very kind. Her calm, confident personality is a trait that most brides would want to pay for on their wedding day, and she, well, she obviously photographs oh so easily! How beautiful is this girl!?

I was tickled to take bridals for her weeks before her wedding, but I was impatient in not being able to share them with you all until her wedding day! I’m so giddy inside to share with you the spotlight on this gorgeous bride who radiated with so much joy, not only on her wedding day, but during her bridals.

I can’t wait to share more from their wedding day with you, but until then, please smile your way through Brittany’s bridals and know that I was one lucky photographer to have met and been able to work with this bride.

Hugs to you Brittany! I hope Charleston is treating you and Lyle well!! Eat some shrimp n grits for us! 

Burn Boutique | Officially Launched

Are you just itching to buy a new maxi dress before summer? A new bright pop of color in the form of a new necklace? 

Hey, I feel like spring is just around the corner, and if you're like me, I'm not only daydreaming about my spring and summer clothes I get to pull out from the back of my closest but what outfits I can buy from Burn Boutique here in Dallas! 

Emily, the owner, is just about as sweet as can be, and she and her sister were the beautiful models, showing of their first round of clothes from market. Chambray, maxi dresses and tassel necklaces? If these sound like your style, then do yourself a favor and explore their website! 

Emily is a native New Mexican, like myself, who moved to Dallas after she graduated from NMSU and just married to become Mrs. Burn. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot in 2014, and I was able to take some engagement photos for she and her fiancé at the time. Basically, I just fell in love with them as a couple. They were so sweet and genuine, and I was borderline obsessed with the wildflowers that were in bloom during their session. 

I've loved keeping up with her ever since and was so excited when I heard about the launch of her new business! I know she'll find great success, because she obviously has incredible taste and is so fun and easy to work with! 

I had a blast helping starting out their launch by taking some promo pictures! 

Brigid Turns One

Oh what fun! Little Brigid turned one! 

She was happiest in her parents arms, and when she was, her smile couldn't be any bigger! 

Claire | Nursing School Graduate

Okay, first things first.  I’m going to take a few minutes here just to brag.

My beautiful sister-in-law has worked her tail off this past year. For those of you who know, nursing curriculum is no easy read, no walk in the park and no simple program.  Clare graduated from A&M (whoop!) and pursued an accelerated 1-year nursing program in Dallas through Texas Tech. So basically, all that crazy important, difficult and weighted information was packed into one little year.

Through that year, she met some solid new friends, learned a whole lot about nursing and discovered a passion for babies and children in the area of nursing. She recently accepted a job at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas in downtown and will be loving on babies and children who need it to the most. Side note, I think all the Davenports know who they’ll be calling in the middle of the night…!

And the icing on the cake? Just yesterday she found out the news from her NCLEX exam….

And for those of you who knows how scarily important this exam is, cue the confetti—SHE PASSED!!!

But of course!

We’re all so excited for her and proud of her! She’ll begin her new job at the end of February, but in the meantime, she’s loving her job at Lululemon (I think we all are!) and babysitting kiddos. Because this girl just doesn’t stop. She go, go, goes, makes new friends while she’s at it and fits in a few workouts or several while she’s at it. And I completely understand her way of life in that sense. ;-) Besides the working out part. That…I will start…tomorrow.

She’s a gem of a sister, and I’m so, so proud of this beautiful lady. So excited to watch her flourish!

Love you Claire! 

One of the Perks of Being a Photographer | Documenting My Cousin's & Their Families

Family.  I love our family. Our family in New Mexico and this sweet family of ours in Texas. Jordan grew up with his cousins so closely as if they were his own siblings. In fact, Brett even asked his Aunt Mary where his ornament was on their Chrismtas tree. Always such a cute story and a good example of just how close they were! They grew up on the same street and have been close throughout the years.

Brett, Jacob, Lindsay and Sarah are on the blog today—one big happy family, as I was so excited that I got to see and have all their families in front of my camera this fall. Brett, Jacob and Lindsay are all siblings, and Sarah is our other cousin. It’s such a neat way for me to get to celebrate alongside them as their families grow with babies, dogs, and exciting news. Seriously, it is such a joy for me!

Brett and Jacob married and reside in Dallas, where we have the joy of getting to hang with now that we’ve moved to the metroplex.  They both live nearly “down the road” from us in Richardson, and we are so thrilled by how that worked out!

Camille and Jacob are excitedly expecting as they wait for their baby via adoption.  I got to photograph their “we’re adopting” announcement a few months ago. And I’m still sure to this day that their photo session was one of the most fulfilling sessions I’ve ever done.  To experience their joy and capture it all for them--priceless. Oh, just give me this little baby Davenport to squeeze and to love on!!   You can follow more of their adoption story here: https://davenportsadoption.wordpress.com

Brett and Melissa bought a house this past year and added their sweet, loved pup Shiner to their family. I know every time we’re with these guys, there’s bound to be some laughter. We just love them!

Lindsay and her husband live in Charlotte, NC where they so graciously gave us a tour of their city when we traveled through this past summer.  They just gave birth to little Samuel Reed Almond, who is such a hunk!!

Sarah and her husband live in Denton where I had a blast taking their engagement photos nearly to years ago! They, just like the Almonds, just gave birth to their first born, Van Everett Benso this past year. What handsome little baby cousins we have!

All four of Jordan’s (now mine!) cousins have such sweet families, and we just adore them, like all the rest of the Davenport cousins! If I haven’t mentioned it before, there are a lot of us Davenports cousins!

Take a little second, and enjoy what I was able to capture for our cousins!! 

Prairie Creek Maternity Session | Ivan & Leah

This maternity session was doubly special for me, because 1) this couple happens to be cousins of mine and 2) we shot their wedding in Dallas last October!  Plus, they are just so fun.  I hope I'm like Leah when I'm pregnant. She's so calm, carefree, and excited for baby B. Jordan and I are so pumped for them and can't wait to meet their little bundle of joy whenever she arrives this January! 

We arrived at Prairie Creek Park to find it at it's peak beauty this fall. The colors were so beautiful, but it was Leah who stole the show with her precious baby bump and glowing smile. Have I mentioned how excited I am for them!? Baby B is going to have some fun, loving parents--she just doesn't know it quite yet! 

It made my heart happy to save this precious time in photographs for Leah and Ivan. What a beautiful pair they make! Love you two!