Chapel at Ana Villa Fall Wedding | Justin + Megan

This is going to be fun. This is going to be REALLY fun to talk about, because everything about Justin and Megan’s wedding day was just BEYOND.

So beyond fun.

So beyond smooth/easy.

So beyond beautiful.

So beyond joy and love-filled.

From the moment I arrived and started photographing the details while the girls were getting ready, there was a positive, joyful tone that was set. This tone somehow actually gone even more so obvious as the day progressed, and it just laid such a beautiful foundation for the day. Allllll of the bridesmaids, family and house party was as sweet as pie and as beautiful as can be—I know they allowed Megan to feel so special and lovely on her wedding day!

As they got ready, as we took pictures and as the dancing commenced, these ladies absolutely help set the tone for the day, and it was nothing short of a stunning celebration!

To name a favorite moment from their wedding day would be all too difficult—SO I’m going to share my top 3 :-) And they all came back-to-back—can you imagine how #allthefeels were for me at this time?!

Firstly, I think not only the number of bridesmaids speaks volumes of Megan but the types of friendships she has with these girls means everything—so deep, loved and valued. When Megan walked outside to reveal her jaw-dropping dress to her best friends, their reactions were PRICELESS! So much joy and excitement was obvious that it just filled my heart to the brim! They loved on her while she finished putting on her wedding jewelry that both her father and groom would soon see her in.

Secondly, Megan walked up to her soon-to-be husband, and their “first look” just GOT ME. I mean, with all the sweetness leading up to—I could barely handle it! It’s so important to be that my couples truly try to not imagine that we’re there (even though, hello—we are), and I really felt like they believed it was just the two of them on that patio. Just the two of them hugging, just the two of them praying together, just the two of them savoring this time for all that they could—no rush, just ease, joy and so much love.

Oh how Justin looked at Megan the ENTIRE day, and OH how Megan seemed to just melt so perfectly into his loving arms.

And lastly—I’m going to combine two moments here, and you’re going to let me! ;-) Those two moments being: Megan’s first dance with her father and Justin’s first dance with his mother—AH! Megan and her daddy’s first dance with such a fun, sweet choreographed number that left everybody smiling! You can absolutely tell that their connection is a strong one, and he was so proud of his daughter! And for some reason, I just couldn’t hold my tears back when Justin and his mother danced together, because anyone could tell that their bond was as tight as any mother would hope to be with her son. Having a son myself—this moment just totally tugged at my heart strings in the sweetest of ways.

With all the sweet relationships, all the joy, all the love and most definitely all the EXCITEMENT come reception time, I photographed Megan and Justin’s exit and thought, “what a perfect day”. I know they had to be thinking the same thing!

There was just something about these two that made me whole-heartedly team Martinez, and I couldn’t be more grateful for Justin’s current active service and witnessing the upmost support from his new wife—what a sweet legacy in the making to witness!

Royal Lane Baptist & Dallas Arboretum Fall Wedding | Logan + Amanda

Oh give me all the fall feels, colors and LOVE!

November 10th was the perfect fall day for Amanda and Logan to remember as the day they vowed to forever in front of 300 of their loved ones. The weather was perfect for a fall day, the fall colors everywhere and the giddiness and joy leading up to 4:30 was very apparent.

Once Amanda walked down the aisle with her daddy, tears weren’t even a question for both Amanda and Logan. The tears welling up in Logan’s eyes made my own do the same—priceless. These moments are just absolutely precious. Their joyful tears quickly turned to beaming smiles as they walked down the recessional, hand in hand, as Mr. and Mrs. Beiser.

And don’t get me started on the colors—OH YES! Deep maroon with pops of navy and orange—all so beautifully perfect for their fall wedding day. But ahead of the beautiful colors and details—the details that held sweet sentimental value, like Amanda’s engagement ring were what made everyone smile. It had diamonds from her grandmother’s wedding ring which Logan used to design her beautiful forever ring. He invited her sister and mom to see the ring before he proposed to Amanda, and I thought this sweet story shared by the maid of honor was just so special.

With all of these sentimental details gracing their presence throughout the entire wedding day, it made their celebration so much more sweet. And let me tell you, their dance floor was PACKED—packed with the most epic celebration as every song seemed strike a key with everyone dancing.

I mean, it was hard for me to not want to join in and not smile with how much fun everyone—especially Logan and Amanda—had on the dance floor!

And THAT is how I love my couples to remember their wedding day! Perfectly celebrated with their loved ones, sentimental details and the sweetest love between the two of them. Congrats, you two!!

Monroe Pearson Wedding | Emili & Alex



There’s something that ALWAYS makes the details more beautiful to me.


Ohh my word. The connection, love and joy shared between Emili and Alex on their wedding day (and every day) is what EVERY wedding photographer hopes to photograph. The emotion and excitement we all experienced during not only Emili’s first look with Alex but also her father couldn’t be measured—it was off the charts! :)

Truly, it caused my camera to click extra fast as well as my heart beat to accelerate! I am so beyond happy for these two and couldn’t imagine them being anymore joyful on their wedding day! Every detail precisely planned before the wedding was stunning but only an afterthought when it came to Emili and Alex’s celebration with their loved ones.

And THAT’S special to me right there.

Emili had such a beautiful and unique vision for her wedding day, and it came together oh-so-lovely on October 21st.

Dancing, dancing, dancing didn’t cease until the ribbon-waving exit that sent them off on their way as Mr. and Mrs.

Emili and Alex, I am SO happy for you two! You make such a beautiful pair together, and I am mind blown by your combination of PRETTY + PERSONAL aspects from your day. What a treat to be a part of and capture for you two!

Ponte Winery Temecula, CA Wedding | Lauren + Brian

Floral beauty meets California wine country = an unforgettable day.

When a bride has two bouquets, one traditional white and the other modern and colorful, you know it’s an extraordinary day.

I mean, it’s absolutely hard to beat cool temperatures, the most lovely floral details designed by none other but the bride herself and her sister, talented owners of A&L Floral Design and the sweetest love between Lauren and Brian.

Truly—when Lauren walked down the beautiful staircase toward her fiance, their immediate reaction was to kiss and hug tighter than I’ve ever seen. It was easy to see their attraction and love for one another was magnetic and oh-so-deep. And this made the rest of our portrait time just so much fun.

It felt like as long as the two of them were together, we could take pictures as long as we wanted wherever we wanted—although I’m sure this maybe wasn’t 100% how Brian felt ;-) However, we spent such a generous time on portraits of them all around the beautiful Ponte Winery, even coming back out for sunset portraits right at sunset.

Aren’t these two PRETTY together?! So photogenic, so sweet and so undeniably in love. It was an honor to photograph them in Temecula and to capture the beginning of their forever. And I have to smile and believe that their forever is looking pretty beautiful. It literally brought tears to my eyes watching not only her parents but also his parents dancing together on the dance floor. They looked as in love as they day they said, “I do”, and it made me happy for Lauren and Brian to have such sweet steps in which to follow.

Their legacy started in a vineyard and will be as sweet as the grapes we tasted off the vine ;-) Wishing these two the absolute best!

Hidden Waters Classic Wedding | Kelsey + Josh

All the greenery, all the classic, elegant details and all the bridal white florals!


What a BEAUTIFUL and classic wedding Josh and Kelsey have to remember at Hidden Waters in Waxahachie. The weather held out literally until right before the indoor reception, and we had various light to play with all day—backlighting, even lighting with cloud coverage and it was all so beautiful and fun to work with.

I think I (and all of you) can just about drop dead at how gorgeous Kelsey and Josh looked together in such a stunningly green location. I mean, the sun-kissed glow around Kelsey just makes your jaw-drop. I know this, because I have done it, and so many of you have made comments on social media to confirm! :)

These two make such a beautiful pair, and when I picture their precious first look, their lovely choreographed first dance and their bubble-filled exit, I can’t help but smile. I see Kelsey’s smile, and I see Josh’s smile, and like Courtney, the maid of honor stated in her speech, she loves seeing the way Josh makes her best friend smile.

It’s evident and captured in pictures, and the celebration that followed is too.

And then the details.

OH the lovely details! A tad overwhelming only because they were TOO perfect with sweet sentiment behind them.

Kelsey’s ring shone brightly with radiance but so did her earrings, her bracelet and her surprise additional gold wedding band that Josh gifted her on her wedding day. Her shoes, her Mrs. box and her Martak ring holder—all too perfect to capture the elegance and beauty behind their big day.

It was an honor to photograph and be a part of such a lovely day, and I loved Kelsey’s love for photographs and wanting to capture her day as she remembered it. I love it when brides want all the portrait time!

Hugs to this beautiful pair!

Christ United Methodist + Gleneages Country Club Blush Wedding | Blair + Kevin

I would happily relive this wedding day any day.

What a classic, elegant and absolutely joyful occasion. As I already mentioned in Blair’s bridal session, she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is outside, and we all know that’s saying a lot of wonderful things!

It was such a joy to walk alongside her throughout her wedding planning process to the precious exit she and Kevin experienced, as they celebrated through bubbles and all of their loved ones. She made the process so fun and easy in many ways—I mean, she’s such a sweet bride, so naturally, all of friends and family were such a joy to work with, as well!

The day started out overcast with just a teaser of light sprinkles. I don’t think anybody let that get to them, because the mood of the day never changed from joyful and fun. We thankfully were able to rock some beautiful weather, even lighting and catch some cool breezes. What a joy for a September wedding in Dallas! Literally, as the bridesmaids were lining up for portraits outside, a mist of sprinkles began to fall, but not enough to do any damage. Within second, when nobody seemed to lose positivity, it STOPPED, and we had the best weather the remaining of the day.

And this was how Blair and Kevin’s wedding day was. Just perfect, sweet and as joyful as can be.

I’d say the sweet and happy tears throughout the day pulled at my heart strings and made me even happier for these two. From Blair’s first look with her father to his toast during the reception, I could feel all the feels and see what a celebration it was for the Reichs and Krummes.

And then the dance floor perfectly wrapped up the night with the best part. The DJ brought all the right songs, and it brought so much happiness to my heart to see the smiles on Blair and Kevin’s faces and notice their presence allllll night on the dance floor!

There’s just something about seeing a bride and groom totally own the dance floor with their loved ones, celebrating in the biggest way.

Blair and Kevin, biggest congrats!

Las Cruces Hotel Encanto Wedding | Adrienne + Jacob

Oh sweet FALL colors and FALL love!

Adrienne and Jacob celebrated several years of being IN LOVE with their vows in front of all of their loved ones at Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Oh, how I do LOVE New Mexico! It was so warm and fulfilling to be in my home state photography such a sweet couple who had spent the better part of the last two years planning their dream wedding day!

And I do mean PLANNING. Their little girl, who served as the most precious flower girl, carried a floral wand down the aisle, and it was THE CUTEST THING. In addition to her floral crown and lace white dress to match her mama, I think it was cuteness overload. One of my favorite moments of the day was watching both Adrienne and Jacob dance with Aaliyah on the dance floor with their smiles beaming from ear-to-ear. I mean, after saying their vows, celebrating a smooth, fun wedding day, I’d say that those smiles were absolutely accurate and necessary!!

It was such a joy to spend the day with this sweet couple who has been nothing but fun and easy to work with. I think that the foundation of love that they’ve been laying over the past 8 years was a true testament to how strong they are and how perfect they are for one another and for their SWEET little girl.

Once the mariachi band serenaded everyone through dinner and visiting afterward, the dance floor opened, and the party fully STARTED. All I can remember (and picture!!) are smiles, smiles, smiles and everyone having the BEST time.

Not a detail was forgotten and not a tear lacked joy—everything was memorable and special from getting ready in the morning to the celebration that lasted past midnight!

Hugs to such a beautiful couple who has such a special day to remember as their OWN wedding day!

The Venue at Waterstone Wedding | Alex + Julie

Oh goodness. How am I ever going to write this blog post to do the Bernhard wedding justice?!

Joyful. Intimate. CELEBRATION. And uh--GORGEOUS. 

But it started way before I set foot on the grounds of the venue for me. I felt like I was driving to photograph my good friend’s wedding, and I felt #allthefeels. My eyes literally filled with tears as I drove to the beautiful rural country of Celina to find a perfect Saturday afternoon for Julie and Alex to marry.

And these tears happened, because I've become invested. I’ve fallen in love with their love story since I met Julie over coffee with her mom. She invited me into her love story, shared what made them special, what made them them, and what their wedding day would be about: tender moments, joyful moments, and unforgettable moments.

They wanted everyone to feel the love they had for not only one another but for everyone there. To know either of them, you must know that they’re as kind as they are beautiful. They know no strangers, are friends to many and are as genuine as can be. This can also be translated to: they had MANY people to celebrate WITH and to share their love and be loved by.

Knowing this about them made every second of the Bernhard wedding day special to me. Being included in sweet surprises and family traditions is always fun for me to be a part of and truly just feel in the moment with my couples. To know that Alex had secretly added another diamond wedding band to the one that Julie thought she’d be getting on her wedding day—to know that they were keeping tradition and marrying one another in the two silver rings that her grandmother married in—to know the sweetness of Alex to save a moment for the two of them on their wedding day after the ceremony to gift and surprise Julie with her wedding bands—EMOTIONAL. Too perfect.

And too perfect is always welcome for any #ldpbride but especially this sweet gal! 

But with so many unforgettable moments from their wedding day, my absolute favorite two moments from the day (aside from the epic Hora chair lift, of course) were both "first looks"--first with Dad and second with Alex. It's very clear that both of these men are beyond special to Jules, and their "first looks" absolutely displayed that. What gifts! Her daddy couldn't have been more proud of his beautiful daughter, and Alex couldn't have been more smitten and overjoyed with his WIFE in that moment. 

I'm telling you--there are SO many photos from their "first look", because...they're just that precious, y'all! Alex didn't want to stop admiring Julie, and I didn't want to stop him! The emotion and excitement captured in these few minutes is definitely priceless to them, I know. :) And it started a day of stunning photographs for the two of them to remember the abundant, genuine love they have for one another. 

A love that I cannot wait for generations to come to witness and feel secure in and proud of. What a power couple who I couldn't love more or be happier FOR!

Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard, I hope you remember your wedding day the way I and everyone saw it--unforgettable, beautiful, tender and sweet. Love you guys!