The Venue at Waterstone Wedding | Alex + Julie

Oh goodness. How am I ever going to write this blog post to do the Bernhard wedding justice?!

Joyful. Intimate. CELEBRATION. And uh--GORGEOUS. 

But it started way before I set foot on the grounds of the venue for me. I felt like I was driving to photograph my good friend’s wedding, and I felt #allthefeels. My eyes literally filled with tears as I drove to the beautiful rural country of Celina to find a perfect Saturday afternoon for Julie and Alex to marry.

And these tears happened, because I've become invested. I’ve fallen in love with their love story since I met Julie over coffee with her mom. She invited me into her love story, shared what made them special, what made them them, and what their wedding day would be about: tender moments, joyful moments, and unforgettable moments.

They wanted everyone to feel the love they had for not only one another but for everyone there. To know either of them, you must know that they’re as kind as they are beautiful. They know no strangers, are friends to many and are as genuine as can be. This can also be translated to: they had MANY people to celebrate WITH and to share their love and be loved by.

Knowing this about them made every second of the Bernhard wedding day special to me. Being included in sweet surprises and family traditions is always fun for me to be a part of and truly just feel in the moment with my couples. To know that Alex had secretly added another diamond wedding band to the one that Julie thought she’d be getting on her wedding day—to know that they were keeping tradition and marrying one another in the two silver rings that her grandmother married in—to know the sweetness of Alex to save a moment for the two of them on their wedding day after the ceremony to gift and surprise Julie with her wedding bands—EMOTIONAL. Too perfect.

And too perfect is always welcome for any #ldpbride but especially this sweet gal! 

But with so many unforgettable moments from their wedding day, my absolute favorite two moments from the day (aside from the epic Hora chair lift, of course) were both "first looks"--first with Dad and second with Alex. It's very clear that both of these men are beyond special to Jules, and their "first looks" absolutely displayed that. What gifts! Her daddy couldn't have been more proud of his beautiful daughter, and Alex couldn't have been more smitten and overjoyed with his WIFE in that moment. 

I'm telling you--there are SO many photos from their "first look", because...they're just that precious, y'all! Alex didn't want to stop admiring Julie, and I didn't want to stop him! The emotion and excitement captured in these few minutes is definitely priceless to them, I know. :) And it started a day of stunning photographs for the two of them to remember the abundant, genuine love they have for one another. 

A love that I cannot wait for generations to come to witness and feel secure in and proud of. What a power couple who I couldn't love more or be happier FOR!

Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard, I hope you remember your wedding day the way I and everyone saw it--unforgettable, beautiful, tender and sweet. Love you guys!

Christ the King + Warwick Hotel Classic Wedding | Francesca + Rafael

Classic. Joyful. Elegant. 

I'm telling you, if I photographed weddings for people half as joyful as everyone I encountered on Rafael and Francesca's wedding day, my cup would be absolutely overflowing! I believe I left their joyous occasion beaming ear-to-ear, because I physically couldn't help it! 

What a special wedding I was able to document, and it was such an honor to do so! 

Every from from Francesca's classic, stunning details to the luscious florals throughout the reception hall--absolutely perfect. Every person from Rafael and Francesca to literally the event staff--joyous and kind. I'm still recovering from the awe of Francesca's Hailey Paige wedding gown--it was too perfect! And I don't think she could have chosen a more elegant hair style to compliment everything special that was her or her wedding dress. 

I could easily tell that the thought and planning put into every detail of their wedding day was planned and important, and I loved this about Francesca. She's a bride who knew what she wanted. As she was getting ready, she had specific requests for how she wanted her hair and makeup, and this stood out to me. I thought, "I wish I could be better at knowing exactly what I want--being knowledgeable." 

But mostly, after thought, I realized, this is a woman who knows who she is. She knows and is confident in everything Rafael is, and she oh-so-much joyfully celebrated every bit of this on her wedding day. It was absolutely refreshing to see a couple so perfect for one another take in and celebrate the details of their wedding day WITH the most special and loved people to them. 

It's very rare for me to not meet face-to-face with a bride and groom before their wedding date, but for travel-sake, this was the case. And let's just say it didn't stunt their ability to be comfortable, unashamedly in LOVE and trusting during their portrait time. We had probably double the amount of portrait time for the two of them, and it just about made my little heart burst. Goodness gracious, these two are not only a beautiful couple together, but they cannot be more kind or down-to-earth. 

This was reflected in all of their family, their friends I visited with, their intentional details and those gorgeous smiles ALLDAYLONG. 

Francesca and Rafael, here's to wishing your honeymoon in Italy is half as wonderful as your wedding day!! Big hugs!

Peach Creek Ranch Aggie Wedding | Chance & Sydney

Talk about an Aggie good time. WHOOP.

The Allen wedding was that and a gorgeous pair of AGGIES who became one.

Oh, you guys! What a beautiful, sun-kissed, fun day!

And it wasn’t only fun to photograph because everyone was lovely,  every detail was beautiful and every bouquet was overflowing with florals. It was fun for me, because I was one of the many who watched Sydney and Chance’s love story begin and unfold starting in high school.

I literally just always felt like he was the one for her—not sure that I wrapped my mind around that fully with my high school brain, but I saw them together and could tell that Sydney was beyond happy. I could tell he was different to her. Now seeing them after dating through college and beyond, I’m so happy for my friend and now their future marriage.

Sydney looked absolutely stunning in her custom-designed dress from California—in fact, I’m still kind of swooning over it! How gorgeous were the special appliqués details? Just so lovely, and she absolutely rocked it! Plus, her bridesmaids and their gorgeous color palette were totally on point. And I loved her wedding invitations--always a win from Minted!

Okay, now can we taco bout how legit it was to celebrate their marriage with Torchy’s, some major Texas two-steppin’ and one of the best father-daughter dances ever? I mean, there were so many memorable moments and details from their wedding day, but I’d say these were some of my favorites! I mean, tacos and queso with all your loved ones on a beautiful day and occasion? Hard to beat in my book ;-)

It was just so much fun to be able to witness an old friend marry her best friend. And I think what surprisingly caught me off guard and a little emotional was right before she walked down the aisle and her two older sisters put in her veil. It was just a precious moment of her big sisters being proud of their baby sister, prepping her to walk down the aisle and loving on her so sweetly. That was the picture I remember of Sydney growing up—so easy going, fun and a friend to anybody.

The way her sisters loved her is how everybody does—especially Chance. He’s a lucky husband, and I am so beyond happy that they’re now Mr. and Mrs. Allen and have one heck of a wedding celebration to remember as their own!

Venue: Peach Creek Ranch

Planner: All Things Planned

Hair & Makeup: Blushd

Florist: Urban Rubbish

Cake: Sandee's Sweets

Dress: Lezu Bridal 

Catering: Torchy's Tacos

Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Invitations: Minted

DJ: Downtown Event Services

Video: Meant To Be Films

Photo: Lindsay Davenport Photography

Hidden Pines Chapel Summer Wedding | Kody & Lindsey

Let's all just take a moment of silence for how beautifully unique and amaaaaazing Lindsey's bridal bouquet was. 

And while you're there, add more time for her stunning lace-detailed dress.

And cathedral-length veil.

And beautiful color palette. 


You GUYS! Can we go back and relive this perfect wedding day?! I hope you feel like you can after browsing through their blog, because it was an absolute celebration between one of the most stunning couples you'll find on my website! 

The best part? They're as sweet and kind as they are stunning. Double win. 

Their wedding day was perfect in many ways: 1) it seemed to run 5-10 minutes ahead of schedule...all day--which made for ample time of everything on the timeline. What a dream. 2) the people. Oh, I love all these sweet people. 3) the creative and amazing vendors who executed such a beautiful wedding day! 4) and most importantly, this bride and groom were perfect FOR each other, which obviously is the #1 thing that makes wedding days perfect--to me :-) 

Ah! I can't wait for you to scroll and smile! I'm beyond giddy for this couple and that they can remember the beautiful details of their day, and how special they were--with their toasting flutes and six-pence from Europe, her bridal bracelet borrowed from her best friend, sister-in-law and Matron of Honor and their invitation suite being designed by the mother of the bride (obsessed with these!!).

They can remember a heartfelt ceremony where they vowed to be one forever. 

And they can remember easily by the smiles in their pictures how much fun they had on the dance floor! 

I love that for them! 

Lindsey, you are one breath-taking bride who clearly makes your "honey" ( ;-) ) smile so sweetly when he sees you..especially walking down the aisle! 

Love you guys! 

Glen Eyrie Castle & Pinery at the Hill Wedding | Matthew & Alicia

Like you've already heard me say in Alicia's bridal session post, it's hard to put into words what a treat it was to travel to Colorado to even be present at Alicia and Matthew's wedding day. 




The number of sufficient adjectives to do their wedding day justice--I'm not sure they exist! :-)

Like, how many brides are able to remember getting ready on their wedding day by envisioning the overlook of Colorado Springs through a wall of windows with natural light rushing in? And how many brides are able to say they married on the terrace of a castle? 

Well, let's be sure: THIS BRIDE and Mrs. can absolutely say that and remember her wedding day for what it was: beautiful, enchanting and so much fun. With precious friends and family surrounding them, the light peaking in and out behind the clouds and florals to compliment the extraordinary castle--it was surely a wedding day to remember. 

I still can't get over how beautiful everything came together for Alicia--every single detail put into her wedding day was so thoughtful and fit perfectly together. Y'all, I basically couldn't get enough of her rose gold details that she planned so perfectly together! And their cookie wedding guest favors? Ahh, too cute!! 

Now that their wedding days is officially blogged, we can all remember their fairytale wedding day at the Glen Eyrie Castle! I wish these two the absolute best!! 

Bent Tree Bible & Hyatt Regency North Dallas Wedding | Wesley & Angela

Dusty rose with an overdose of joy? 

When I envision the Nilsson wedding, I see beautiful pops of a dusty rose color pallete and joy on everybody's face. 

Complete and utter joy. 

As you start to scroll, you will quickly understand exactly what I remember to be Wesley and Angela's wedding day--perfect, if you ask me. Or them! ;-)

I mean, I don't know how many times I've said this OR had other people TELL ME this, but what a beautiful couple--their smiles--you can't beat. Both of them--they scream JOY; they scream LOVE; they scream PURE. What a power couple. 

As you know, I tend to feel strongly about all of my couples, especially after their wedding days. For me, it's such a sweet and intimate experience that I get to be a part of that, I leave their exit feeling like I'm waving good-bye to my bestie. And it was this and more with Angela and Wesley, because they were unique in a way. For most couples, my communication exchange is between the bride and myself via email. However, with Angela and Wesley's season of life, he was able to help with much of the wedding planning, meaning he handled a lot of the communication with the vendors. This meant, I felt like I really got to know both of them even better than most, and it truly made the day feel like I was photographing my two close friends who I've watched fall in love and commit themselves to the Lord. 

Y'all, it was a sweet, sweet day. 

My stomach dropped when Wesley's jaw did. When he saw Angela, the whole world stopped. His reaction(s) were priceless, and Angela--YES, girl, YES. Absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning. This bride--inside and out, she is beautiful! So fun, so spunky, so lovely. 

While all the beautiful details and all the joyful moments were plentiful throughout June 9th, a favorite of mine would have to be the "first look" between Angela and her father. It's absolutely a favorite and absolutely a sweet one. 

Because they ARE to me--my sweet friends are now Dr. and Mrs. Wesley Nilsson, and I'm beyond excited for them to begin their journey in Connecticut as he pursues his medical career and Angela continues to pursues her teaching career. They truly have an adventure ahead of them, and I'm eager to watch it unfold!! Hugs to Nilssons!! 

Bella Woods Fairytale Wedding | Taryn & Kirby

Oh my, my, my. 

I literally just sighed out loud before I started typing this, because I partly don't know where to even begin with these two. 

So I'll just start with: I love them. They are perfect for one another. I love their love. 

I am just beyond ecstatic for Kirby and Taryn that they have the most fairytale of a wedding to remember themselves becoming one. Literally, as I just scrolled through their images, my heart strings just tugged. It was BEAUTIFUL. And I don't want to use that word lightly, because as you can see, it was truly breathtaking, just magical. 

The the theme of a fairytale is significant, because Kirby proposed to Taryn at a castle, because he knew her love for all things fairytale and magical--this theme carried throughout their engagement and wedding, and WOW. Clearly, she was the most beautiful princess Kirby could have ever imagined walking down the aisle to him, escorted by her Daddy. And Kirby's reaction said that and more. It was so precious that I immediately felt the water-works coming--AH! My stomach is literally in happy knots right now as I'm remembering! 

One of my favorite parts of wedding days: FEELING all the happy FEELS. 

And then you look at Taryn with her Daddy, and she's just as emotional--priceless! They both absolutely knew how precious this day was, how precious this commitment is and how precious their friends and family were to join in on the celebration. 

I obviously DIED during ALL of their portraits, because they were STUNNING--the location, the light, the people, the color palette--recipe for loveliness. 

I'm so grateful I was able to celebrate with these two--just so grateful. 

Kirby and Taryn, I wish you the absolute best! It's such a joy seeing your joy and excitement in marriage! I think I'm able to feel a little extra with you two, because it reminds me of when Jordan and I married after we graduated, 5 years ago--we even have the same anniversary weekend--EEP! Sweet times are ahead of you two! Soak it all up!! :-)