I'm a small-town-raised gal who moved to Dallas, the big city, and started a new chapter in life with my hubby and some of my favorite must-haves: creamer with a touch of coffee, Mexican food date nights and long walks at sunset. These all fill my tank!  

My photography journey began in 2013 while I was pursuing my graduate degree for Speech-Language Pathology. I was asked to take pictures of our newly engaged, dear friends, Jess and Ryan when I realized the ignition of a fire within me. This photography stuff--I loved it. But not only photography, I loved photographing people--people in love.

It's the kind of passion that you can't stop thinking about, learning about or talking about. The passion that's turned into my career. 

A career that I humbly and shockingly get to wake up everyday and pursue full time. 

Most days you can expect me in yoga pants, a messy bun and my son Lucas Brent playing nearby.  I'm a passionate wife, mama, wedding photographer and blogger. Plus, I always have an itch for traveling. I'm either dreaming of our next adventure or blogging about our last. 

I'm a New Mexican at heart, an extroverted-introvert at best and a #JoannaGainesFanGirl at my core. Give me a delicious crockpot recipe (the easier, the better), new podcast to listen to (for my walks, of course) or a margarita (on the rocks please), and I'm a happy camper. 


I have always been in love with the idea of love.  My passion for marriage and adventures is what fuels much of my love behind wedding photography.

I desire for my couples to relive the joy from their wedding days, be reminded of it for years to come and share it with their future children. 

While Jordan and I launched our wedding photography business together in graduate school, he went on to pursue his passion in the medical field where he works as an ICU nurse. He currently shoots some but not all weddings with me, though he carries much of his weight on our team behind the scenes.