The Capture Course 11-5-17


The Capture Course 11-5-17

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The Capture Course takes place in the Davenport home in Richardson on Sunday, November 5th from 2:00-5:00 PM where you'll learn:

1. how to shoot in manual (ISO, Aperture, shutter speed)

2. how to manipulate your camera settings (Auto WB, RAW vs JPEG, Autofocus)

3. how to find and use different types of natural light

4. how to trouble shoot when images are blurry

5. how to feel confident taking pictures on vacation, of your family, of a client, product or sweet memory 

While the bulk of the course is spent learning how to shoot in manual so that you have full control of your camera, we will walk through 15 things you should look for that you don't know to look for at the end of class. These are additional tips for you to implement as you feel confident shooting in manual and using light well. You'll receive a PDF of of these 15 tips, as well. 

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